Videoreview: OnePlus 6T with finger print scanner in the screen


The OnePlus 6T is as of today officially on sale, and of course we have the smartphone for quite a while in use. In this videoreview we will tell you all about the innovations, such as the finger print scanner behind the screen. See you?

Check out the OnePlus 6T videoreview

T-phones from OnePlus are usually slightly improved variants of the smartphone, which previously appeared, but when the 6T is this something else. The smartphone introduces more improvements than, for example, the OnePlus 5T and 3T, for example, Screen Unlock: the ngerprint scanner in which the display is incorporated. In addition, the 6T a larger battery, improved camera, larger screen with thinner edges and more storage.

oneplus 6t videoreview

Therefor, you pay a bit more: 559 euro, instead of the 519 euro for the OnePlus 6. Or the phone the extra money is worth, we tell you in this videoreview. We also discuss the main advantages and disadvantages, and or OnePlus now more need to fear the competition.

Also read the written review

Looking for more about the OnePlus 6T? Check the written review, in which we elaborate on the performance, Screen Unlock, and all other improvements. Below you will find the conclusion of the review.

The OnePlus 6T is an excellent smartphone and in many ways an improvement over the OnePlus 6. The screen is slightly larger, has thinner edges and a smaller notch, and continues to look good. The battery is a bit longer, the camera is – in spite of that, the night mode could be better – something smarter and there is more storage space available. Screen Unlock has some drawbacks, but generally works well and is a great innovation.

On the other hand, the headphone jack is missing, and the device again a few tens is more expensive. Therefore, there is also more competition. The OnePlus 6T remains a good buy, but is less easy to guess than previous OnePlus phones.

OnePlus 6T for sale now

The OnePlus 6T is ordered now, also through our hundred. You can opt for a loose OnePlus 6T, all is the smartphone, with a subscription available. The entry-level model will cost 559 euros and comes in two colors: Midnight Black (matte black) and Mirror Black (gloss black).

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