Chromecast-tips-week 45: the best of YouTube, Videoland and NPO


Chromecast-tips week 45: het beste van YouTube, Videoland en NPO

A Chromecast is useful, but what to look or listen you? With our weekly tips, we recommend you films, series, podcasts and more on to stream. In our Chromecast tips of the week 45, among other Angry and Suspiria.

Chromecast-tips-week 45: Angry and Suspiria

With a Chromecast in your tv or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker watch and listen your media from your smartphone, in better quality. That is useful, but you have to know what you need to look and listen. In addition to our monthly Netflix-tips we have, therefore, also a weekly, Chromecast-tips. Herein we give some of the current look – and luistertips. Both free and paid services. Also, Check out the editions from previous weeks below.

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1. Watch: #Angry docu: back to your own country

In this documentary, five children followed that are turned off are likely to be. That while they are born in the Netherlands, or here for years life. They are to a country that they totally do not know where the life threatening. If you have never #Angry have seen, the style was a little awkward. This documentary accompanies a petition for a kinderpardon.

2. Watching: Click – and kluseconomie (NPO)

Increasingly, work is not a hard job, but with separate jobs. That without pension, insurance, or even a boss. This new labour market began, of course, in Silicon Valley. This documentary takes a closer look, but also how the Netherlands is.

chromecast-tips week 45

The documentary look through the NPO website or NPO Start-app, available from the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download NPO Start in Google Play (free)

3. Listen: UnErased (podcast)

The movie Boy Erased running in the United States are now in the cinema, but in the Netherlands we have until February to wait. You can get the corresponding podcast listen: UnErased. In the United States, more than 700,000 people conversietherapie undergone to their sexuality to try to change. The film is about one of these people and this podcast tells the stories of others.

chromecast-tips week 45

The podcast you can find in our favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts via this link. This app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Pocket Casts in the Google Play (2,99€)

4. Watch: Sharknado movies (Videoland)

If you’re in a very stupid movie, then you need to Videoland. There are, in fact, the Sharknado films. The first film is only about a tornado full of sharks, but the following parts are only crazier. See these movies not so if you are looking for quality, but if you just have a good time.

The movies you watch through the app of Videoland. That app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Videoland in Google Play (free)

5. Listen: Thom Yorke – Suspiria (Spotify)

For the soundtrack of the new film Suspiria was Thom Yorke on. Then you know for sure that the music alone more than worth the effort. The album consists from instrumental songs as background for the film to serve and also good serve as a background of your daily activities. The album shines, however, mainly as Yorke his voice. Even without the film, you can of this album to enjoy.

→ Download Spotify in Google Play (free)

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