Google explains: so much power, you save with a dark mode


Google legt uit: zoveel stroom bespaar je met een donkere modus

More and more apps have a dark mode. That not only looks beautiful, but also has practical benefits: research from Google shows that a white background up to three times as much as power level.

Energy saving dark mode examined

The duration of battery power an app is significantly limited by the background color to match, as appears from Google research. This uses a YouTube app on the Google Pixel 3 293 mA to flow with a white background, compared to 96 mA with a black background. In other apps like Gboard and Google Maps, the difference is less great, already provides a dark mode for 20 to 30 percent less power consumption.

Energiebesparing donkere modus

More and more smartphones are equipped with an oled screen, including the Google Pixel 3. With an oled screen burn individual pixels only if there is a color in the image. There Is a black image, the pixels are so ‘off’ and no current is consumed. The more apps with a black background, the more efficient a smartphone with oled screen.

Among others, Samsung, Google and Huawei have provided their toptoestellen now of an oled screen. Some manufacturers, including LG and HTC, use is still mainly lcd screens. In this process, the entire image continuously, and is thus virtually no energy is saved with a dark mode.

More apps with dark backgrounds in the making

Google itself seems to also be surprised by the results of the research. The company in recent years, almost all of his apps, just a white background color. Also in the guidelines for Material Design, the preferred house style for the Android apps of other developers, Google recommends to have white backgrounds to choose from.

This is changing now. The company calls on developers to a dark mode to add to their apps. Also, manufacturers are advised to their interface. Thus, there is a dark mode available at almost all of the included apps in Samsung’s new One UI. Users who white fresher find, don’t worry: a white background color stays with many apps probably the default.

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