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The first technical information

November 9, 2018

Ellen Kole

The BMW M8 Coupe is in the final stages of development. We get already photos of and the first technical information about the new flagship.

On 24 november arrival of the BMW 8 Series Coupe in the showrooms, then the German brand is the top model present: the M8 Coupe. This performanceversie is the new flagship of BMW. In a later stage, it appears the M8 also as Cabrio and Gran Coupé.

The characteristics of the regular 8 Series Coupe – such as low weight, optimal center of gravity and weight distribution, the length of the wheelbase and stiff chassis and body types, according to ‘huistuner’ BMW M the ideal base for the M8. Still dare CEO Markus Teme to claim that BMW M still more have picked up on: “The new BMW M8 tilt the dynamism, agility and precision in its segment to an entirely new level.” That is crying out for a practical test, but at this moment test only the brand itself, the M8. However, it gives the BMW the first technical information.

About the high revving V8 twinturbomotor for example: who will be more than 600 hp can produce, well above the 530 often of the regular 8 Series Coupe. Via an 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, the force to the wheels steered, where the M xDrive-all-wheel drive, the rear wheels are usually the most power restricts. If the rear is insufficient traction than the front wheels only do the work. The Active M Differential in the rear axle has a 0 to 100 percent sperfunctie, so that maneuverability and traction under all circumstances, the maximum will be.

BMW M strives for excellent steering precision with the electromechanical M Servotronic steering. The goal is ‘optimal feedback and exactly the right amount of back pressure in any situation. To powerful brakes, mount the tuner M compound brakes. Optional lightweight M carbon-ceramic copies available. Also the standard 19-inch M wheels to swap for rims of 20 inches, both sizes get high-performancebanden that are suitable for high cornering. The moment of unveiling is not yet published.