News: This is the new Mitsubishi L200! |


1-ton pickup is sold worldwide

November 9, 2018

Elco van der meer

One of the most important models for Mitsubishi is the L200 pick-up. The latest generation has just been unveiled and will be in no less than 150 countries to be sold. The new model promises to be even more durable and reliable than its predecessors, which is now 40 years old.

Engineered Beyond Tough, so call Mitsubishi with the ideas that the L200 is based. That means that the car has improved on all areas, not only in the field of sustainability but also in terms of comfort on the public road. In the interior fits Mitsubishi luxurious materials add to the car also for individuals with a serious alternative.

The performance off-road be improved, inter alia, a revised 4WD system. This new ierwielaandrijvingssysteem can be set for various types of surfaces: gravel, mud, snow, sand and stones. Of course, there is a transfer case available that allows the L200 to a better control in rough terrain.

More row-assistants

The L200 is a great car, but it is a lot easier to have the great pick-up by the traffic guide. This is the car (optional) includes dodehoekdetectie, a warning for crossing traffic and even a system that accidentally too much gas in tight situations. Both useful when parking, if convenient in the field, it is 360 degrees wide camera view around.

On new engines, according to Mitsubishi. We therefore assume that the current 2.4 DI-D with 154 hp on the menu. He is, however, optionally linked to a new zestrapsautomaat, that the old vijftraps replaces.

On november 17, upcoming to experience the new L200 are sales in Thailand, after which he gradually launched in other countries. When the new L200 in the Dutch showroom is not yet known.