Samsung Bixby from 2019 available in English’


‘Samsung Bixby vanaf 2019 in het Nederlands beschikbaar’

Bixby is now pre-installed on more and more smartphones, but is as yet only available in English. From next year, however, there is also a Dutch version available.

Dutch version Samsung Bixby in the making

Samsung brings probably the end of next year, the Dutch version of Bixby, reports Androidworld. According to employees of the company was Dutch originally only for 2020 on the planning, but we managed to be faster than expect other languages to add. As a result, English is almost at the top of the list as the next language to add.

Nederlandse versie Samsung Bixby

Bixby is since the beginning of 2017 on Samsung smartphones, and was introduced with the Galaxy S8. When was the voice-activated assistant is only available in two languages: English and Korean. Recently, Samsung announced several new languages added: French, German, Italian and Spanish. All of them are within now and a few months available.

For now, Bixby mainly an irritation for many Samsung users. On all recent toptoestellen of the manufacturer is a button with which the assistant opens, but that is by the most users, especially accidentally pressed. The assistant speaks, after all, still no English, and provides much less features than rivals such as Siri and Google Assistant. You can, however, the Bixby-disable button on most devices.

So, Samsung does Bixby better

The company announced this week enhancements to make that Bixby is easier and more comprehensive. So, the Assistant opened up for developers, that they have their own commands for the assistant. You can Bixby will ask for a specific series on Netflix to start, or to playlists open Spotify.

→ So Bixby to compete with Google Assistant

Also the manufacturers as possible to the Samsung-assistant by default in their devices to build. Currently, the stemassistent only work with Samsung’s own products. Bixby must also eventually be compatible with smart home devices of other manufacturers, such as tvs, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners. Because of this, so you do not have a Samsung product to have to Bixby to talk.

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