Smart speakers: these are the alternatives to Google Home


Slimme speakers: dit zijn de alternatieven voor Google Home

Googles smart speaker is finally available in the Netherlands, but should you be well for this or another choose? These are the Google Home alternatives on the market.

Google Home alternatives discussed

Are you looking for a smart speaker for use in the home, then you as an Android user to the Google Home. This is logical, because the Google Assistant works well together with many Google services, and speak now also just.

But Google is definitely not the only one on the market with a speaker that you answer questions and your smart house controls. We put the alternatives in a row and explain what you can.

1. The Google Assistant on other speakers

To be a smart speaker with the Google Assistant in-house, you don’t need Google Home to buy. Different manufacturers offer their own front-facing speakers with built-in Google Assistant. Unfortunately that won’t work with any speaker directly, because manufacturers the voice assistant sometimes still as an update, need to add it. Examples of these speakers are the various JBL Link-versions (works immediately) and the Bose Home Speaker 500 (works later).

These alternative speakers give you the ability to have the Google Assistant in your living room, while you choose for a different design, or for more sound quality. The Google Home Max is, for example, not yet available in the Netherlands, so then the speaker of Bose is an option if sound quality is important to you.

2. Hey Alexa, Amazon Echo

The Echo of Amazon was one of the first smart speakers on the market. Therefore, this speaker its way to many a house in the Netherlands found. Meanwhile, there are already different versions of this speaker came out. There is a second generation of the standard Echo, and an Echo Plus and Echo Dot. This Echo family is similar to the Google Home, Home Max and Home Mini.

Alexa speaks in contrast to the Google Assistant is not English. The netherlands is not a priority for Amazon. However, it is the smart speaker without problems in English. For example, to ask questions and the smart house to control.

google home alternatieven

3. Multiple assistants with Sonos

An interesting option for a smart speaker is Sonos. This company is known to be interacting with one another speakers, which you get by the house. The Sonos One provides support for Alexa, but in 2019, also for the Google Assistant. Because of this, you can so with a single speaker use of multiple spraakassistenten. Nice if you want to switch, or a smart speaker would like to combine it with the other Sonos speakers in your house.

4. Hey Siri: Apple HomePod

Just as Google and Amazon also has Apple’s own speaker. As an Android user you have however little to this HomePod, because the speaker does not work with an Android smartphone. Known was Siri the first English speaking voice assistant on a smart speaker.

The HomePod is known for the good sound. An interesting addition is also that Siri, you can continue to hear the music loud. That is with the Google Home.

google home alternatieven

5. Hi Bixby: Galaxy Home

Also Samsung comes with its own smart speaker: the Galaxy Home. This speaker looks like a small bbq and leaves you with voice assistant Bixby talk. The speaker is however not out yet and Bixby also speaks no English.

Getting started with the Google Home

By the combination of a Dutch voice assistant and a good cooperation with other Google products, Google Home so, at this time the smartest option for Android users. Also, read our review of the Dutch Google Assistant Google Home. You can look at the videoreview of the Google Home.

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