Android Car download and use in your car: how to do that


Android Auto downloaden en gebruiken in je auto: zo doe je dat

Android Auto is not available in the Play Store, but it is easy to get the app on your smartphone. We show you how to use Android Car install on your smartphone and in your car.

Android Auto download and install in 6 steps

Officially, Android Auto is not available in the Netherlands. The app is therefore also not in the Play Store. Nevertheless, it is easy to the simplified Android system is still on your smartphone to get. You can do this as:

  1. Download the free app “Droid Hardware Info” from the Play Store;
  2. Give consent for the permissions and press the second tab: ‘System’;
  3. Write down what is on your screen under “Processor”. In my case, this is “arm64-v8a”;
  4. Close the app and go on your Android smartphone to APK Mirror and select the latest version of the Android Car;
  5. Choose the version for your processor fits. In my example, this is the second (“arm64-v8a”);
  6. Wait until Android Auto is download and install the app.

Android Auto-vragen screenshot 1

Android Auto-vragen screenshot 2

Does Android Auto is not? Try a different version to download via APK Mirror. Make sure in any case that you are step one to three good runs, because otherwise you do not have the correct apk file to download. You need at least Android 5.0 (Lollipop) to Android Car to run.

You don’t get all the way out? Read our article about how to install apk files on your Android smartphone. Herein, we explain in detail how your apps outside the Play Store to work.

→ Download Droid Hardware Info from Google Play (free)

→ Download Android Auto via APK Mirror (free)


Android Car in-car install

Then you connect your phone to Android Auto via a usb cable to the car. The app opens immediately and the simplified version of Android appears on the screen of your phone, or the built-in display on your dashboard. If you have Android Auto on your smartphone, it is as safe to use ‘m in a holder. Also make sure that your phone is unlocked the moment you connect the usb cable.

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Android Auto works in these cars

More and more models will be able to work with Android Auto. Currently, you can auto-operating system in more than 500 cars include Audi, Citroën, Opel and Peugeot. Look for a full overview of the exact cars on the website of Android Auto.

Generally, cars that are for 2015 made are not working with Android Auto. Also owners of BMW’s and Toyota’s have bad luck: these brands support the operating system at all.

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