First prices Tesla Model 3 known


Deliveries start in February

5 december 2018

Bob Kroese

It is almost as far. This month may be the first people on the waiting list are in their final order for the Tesla Model 3. The prices are now known, they begin at 58.800 euro.

This month takes on Tesla in the Netherlands, the first orders for the Model 3. If you are interested, at the top of the waiting list are receive soon an invitation to get their car to configure and to order. In February it expects Tesla to start with the deliveries. The place on the waiting list and the ordered options affect when the car is delivered.

The brand is now the first prices the Model 3 is known. In the first place, the electric car only to be ordered with Long Range battery, with a starting price of 58.800 euro. This version is equipped with two powerful electric motors, which four wheels are powered. The distance is 544 miles, measured according to the new WLTP-method. The second version is the more powerful Tesla 3 Performance, which will cost 69.700 euro. This version not only has more power but also a sporty style.

To the production process to speed up Tesla a limited number of colors and options. You can choose from five exterior colors (red, black, white, blue and silver) and two interieuruitvoeringen (black and white). The main option is software that enables the Model 3 semi-autonomous driving, Tesla asks to do this, 5.300 euro. The so-called Autopilot hardware is standard on all cars.

Prices Tesla Model 3

Longe Range € 58.800
Longe Range Performance € 69.700