Vote and win: what is the best Android smartphone of 2018?


Stem en win: wat is de beste Android-smartphone van 2018?

In the past year, there are nearly two hundred Android-smartphones in the Netherlands appeared. Help us to find the best, and take a chance on a Google Home Mini!

Election best smartphone 2018

Less than a month to go and 2018 is on, which means that the time for us is to look back. In 2018 appeared, indeed, more impressive Android smartphones than ever before. New brands such as Xiaomi and Oppo hope the Dutch market to conquer, while old friends such as Samsung, Huawei and OnePlus some excellent devices afleverden in the past year.

Soon we will put our favorite smartphones of 2018 at a glance, but for the extent we are also curious about your winners. Using the form below you can vote on the best Android smartphone of 2018. All votes are then collected, and at the end of december we will make your choices known.

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The choice is completely up to you. Were you impressed by the raw power of the OnePlus 6T, or do you have more with the smart, triple camera of the Huawei P20 Pro? Or do you go for budgetgemak with the Xiaomi Mi A2? Make yourself heard and vote!

verkiezing beste smartphone 2018

Among all the participants raffle, we are also one free Google Home Mini. Taking part is simple. We have many of the most popular Android phones of the past year put on a list for you. If your device is not listed, you can the bottom of the list add it. If possible, place a brief explanation, and let all our readers know why you understand that smartphone so much appreciates.

Terms and conditions: if you have a chance

There are only a few conditions. Your voice should arrive no later than Sunday the 23rd of december . Also you can of course only vote on smartphones from 2018. Even if you’re still satisfied with your Samsung Galaxy S7, then the unit is too old to have a chance.

You are not required to give your e-mail address to leave behind, unless you chance to make on the Google Home Mini. Via that e-mail address, we will take at the end of this month, namely, to contact the winner. The winner of the competition, we also known in the article that we are at the end of this year to publish about your choices. Press and hold the Android Planet app, so in the holes!

your favorite smartphone in the comments! Who knows, do you know other readers to convince and win your favorite.