Allo stop: Google deletes failed ” message after two years


Allo stopt: Google schrapt gefaalde berichtendienst na twee jaar

Google pulls final the plug from Allo. The once promising voice message had very few active users and will from next year be repealed.

Google Allo stop: this is why

Allo is just to march 2019 are available, so let Google know. Although the app made an impression with striking features like Smart Reply and Google Assistant-support, knew Allo never really have a lot of users to attract. The company has therefore decided to grant the development to cease and focus on other initiatives.

Users of Allo that their messages may want to keep them, a backup export. Via instructions on Google’s site, you can read how to get a copy of all your sent messages, photos and other media. Messages are then saved as a CSV file, so you can have them for later read back.

google allo stopt

Allo appeared september 2016 in the Netherlands, and has had a successful start. Soon the app a few tens of millions of times downloaded. Users homed soon however, although Google regularly and new features added. So were many features of the Google Assistant, first in Allo tested. Allo was, however, never pre-installed on Android smartphones, something that apps like Duo and Google Photos a lot of new users brought.

Bye Allo, Hello Chat

At the beginning of this year alluded Google all to a farewell of Allo. The company introduced in april, ‘Chat’, again a new message, this time built around the new RCS standard specified by providers is developed. Chat is being developed by the team behind Allo, and has many of the features of the previous app. At the unveiling of Chat, Google announced a ‘temporary updatestop’ for Allo. Now it is so permanent.

→ You need to know about Chat, the new messaging service from Google

It is not a good year for the messaging services of Google. Recently pulled the zoekbedrijf even though the power cord from Google+. In addition, the consumer version of Google Hangouts has slowly but surely disappear. And although the new Chat app promising it looks, there are as yet no Dutch providers who say the app support.

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