OnePlus: ‘5G-smartphone will cost 200 to 300 euros more, is not OnePlus 7’


OnePlus: ‘5G-smartphone kost 200 tot 300 euro meer, is niet OnePlus 7’

You want to be the first 5G smartphone from OnePlus to buy, then you have a nice thick wallet. A senior official warns that the smartphone is significantly more expensive.

‘OnePlus 5G-smartphone price goes up’

The unit will probably be around 750 to 850 euros in costs, as OnePlus ceo Pete Lau in an interview with The Verge. According to him, is the 5G-smartphone 200 to 300 dollars more expensive than other OnePlus devices. The dollar and european values of OnePlus are usually almost equal, so we must count on a hefty price increase for the new device.

OnePlus 5G-smartphone prijs

That does not mean, however, that we next year only more expensive OnePlus smartphones have to expect. Lau confirms in the same interview once again that the company is also working on a “normal” successor of the OnePlus 6T with 4G. The two units will be developed at the same time, and one of them cost a lot more. “It’s still difficult to say because a lot of details still have to be developed, but it is probably the 5G-phone like 200 to 300 dollars more expensive [than our other new aircraft],” says Lau.

According to Qualcomm, the company behind the 5G modem on the new OnePlus smartphone will appear soon cheaper 5G smartphones. “Some manufacturers will take the maximum want to earn to their current customers. Others want to marktaan conquer, and they use a lower price,” says Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon. According to him, is the price that OnePlus calls therefore on the high side: “I hear from other manufacturers that they have a more aggressive price point of handling.”

From the beginning of 2019 to purchase

A precise release date for the device is still unknown, though according to Lau that the unit ” appearance in may 2019’ is available. Probably a bit earlier: the company wants to be the first with 5G-smartphone in Europe. Then OnePlus to hurry though, because rivals Samsung and Huawei probably spend the beginning of next year, also a 5G-smartphone.

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It seems, incidentally, not that this OnePlus smartphone in the Netherlands appears. Dutch providers expect only from 2020 5G to offer. For now, OnePlus only plans to the device in the United Kingdom. The British provider EE offers because already from the beginning of next year a 5G network.

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