OnePlus takes first 5G phone in 2019: you need to know



OnePlus brengt eerste 5G-telefoon in 2019 uit: dit moet je weten

Promise makes debt and OnePlus is going to be words. The Chinese company has a first address, and in 2019 the first 5G smartphone of Europe.

OnePlus 5G-smartphone will come in 2019 from

Unfortunately, turn the unit in the Netherlands, but Brits can still join in the battle. That makes the company announced in a press release. OnePlus is working for his first 5G smartphone along with the British carrier EE and Qualcomm.

The chip maker has presented the Snapdragon 855. This processor supports 5G, but only if manufacturers want to. OnePlus is probably one of the first telefoonmakers who chooses this internet speed to support it.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

Pete Lau, ceo of OnePlus, has not disclosed how the 5G device will be known. However, we do know as good as certain that this is not the successor of the OnePlus 6T, but to a new toestelreeks. It seems probable that the Chinese company from next year, so two series on the market.

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5G phone since 2016 is in the making

OnePlus is behind the scenes, since 2016 is busy with the 5G-smartphone. In 2017 ditch Qualcomm is the manufacturer, and the aircraft was jointly developed further. As EE is the largest network of Great Britain is the choice for this provider logical.

The 5G network is little by little rolled out and tested first in London, Cardiff, Edinburg, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester. ‘EE and OnePlus share the same vision: to provide customers with the best possible connection offer, ” says Marc Allera, director of EE, about this. It is not yet known when other areas 5G support.

Unfortunately it will probably take a while before we in the Netherlands, with 5G smartphones on the go. This is not, incidentally, to manufacturers such as OnePlus, but certainly on our network. The Dutch 5G frequencies must still be auctioned. Only then, can providers their own network build.

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