This IKEA roller blinds board you will have with the Google Assistant


Deze IKEA-rolgordijnen bestuur je straks met de Google Assistent

IKEA brings the beginning of next year voice controlled roller blinds in the Netherlands. The Kadrilj and Fyrtur-roller blinds you can with the Google Assistant operate.

IKEA roller blinds-Google Assistant-support anagekondigd

IKEA-rolgordijn Google Assistent

The Fyrtur-roller blinds are completely obscuring, while Kadrilj still a little light. Both are motorized and can therefore be remotely controlled. This can be done with a remote control, but also with an app on your smartphone, or voice control.

Both blinds can be operated by the IKEA Tradfri app, which is also used for the smart exposure of the company. That can be linked to the Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. Soon so you do not even more to stand up to the curtains to do, but call you simply ‘Goodnight!’ to your Google Home to a dark house.

IKEA Fyrtur or Kadrilj-blinds buy

The two is from this winter at all IKEA locations to purchase, but online they are at this moment not yet available. For an obscuring Fyrtur blind, you pay 149 euros, while a Kadrilj blind 119 euros will cost. They are delivered including remote control with batteries. The Android version of the Tradfri app you can find for free in the Play Store.

The Swedish living shop now has a nice range of products for your smart home. So sell IKEA for quite some time Tradfri lamps, which you can with your smartphone can control. Thus, the company offers a cheap alternative for Philips Hue. Since this autumn, there are also Tradfri-sockets are available, allowing you to other remote devices can operate.

→ Tip: if you associate an IKEA Tradfri-bulb to the Google Assistant

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