View your personal Spotify year in review with 2018 Wrapped


Bekijk je persoonlijke Spotify-jaaroverzicht met 2018 Wrapped

The Saint is back to Spain, so we can now really deal with shall present. Spotify announces today the launch by 2018 Wrapped, a personal year in review that shows exactly what you’ve been listening to.

Spotify 2018 Wrapped

Each year Spotify users a comprehensive annual review is presented. The service creates a summary of all kinds of interesting statistics about your luistergedrag. So you see how many minutes in total listening to music have this year, which artists were most popular and which songs are in your personal top 5.

Spotify also has some entertaining statistics gathered, as to what artists with the same zodiac sign you are most listened to, and how obscure your taste in music is compared to the rest of the world.

The full annual review can be obtained from a special website of Spotify. There, you also get a handy summary, you up with a press of a button you can share on social media or WhatsApp.

Two new playlists

On Spotify are also two new personalized playlists for you. The first consists of a top 100 of your most listened to songs of 2018. With the so-called Tastebreakers list gives Spotify a list of songs from genres, you normally never listen to. So hopes Spotify users to the new year begin to broaden their horizons.

Spotify is still the biggest music service in the world, but Apple’s Music wins slowly but surely terrain. Sister site windows has the two music services extensively compared with each other. Is there anything better? Spotify or Apple’s Music?

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