Lexus makes of LC a convertible


Study model is presented on auto show in Detroit

January 11, 2019

Bob Kroese

Lexus has the saw placed in his topcoupé LC. The LC Convertible that the brand next week at the auto show of Detroit presents is officially still a study model.

Lexus reveals next week at the auto show in Detroit, the LC Convertible Concept. The last part of the name, you don’t have to take it seriously, because the cabrioversie of the LC looks like he’s ready to go into production.

Yet, they spin in the Lexus is still a little bit to the hot mush, by stating that this concept car is an example for the future design language of the entire Lexus range’. According to the accompanying press release, the LC Convertible is just a hint at a future flagship model.

The car brand in Detroit shows next week is beautifully decorated. So have the 22 inch alloy wheels with a striking design. The car is white leather, which is finished with ochre stitching.