Video: so you can turn your Android smartphone into a Pixel-unit


Many manufacturers offer their smartphones with own software, but most users will find a bare version of Android the finest. In this tipvideo we’ll show you how to turn your own Android phone into a Pixel-unit. See you?

Turn your smartphone into a Pixel

A bare-bones version of Android is usually the nicest in use and many users are seeking ways to use their device on a Pixel-smartphone by Google itself to be created – to make it seem. Nowadays, you don’t need a lot of effort to do, because devices from Nokia, OnePlus and Sony already have a (almost) bare-bones version of Android. However, there are always some tricks to make your Android experience improve.

Google Pixel Sounds

In our latest video we discuss some tips for your smartphone to turn it into a kind of Pixel-phone. We use the Samsung Galaxy S9 as an example, because this unit is a heavy layer over Android to go places. The suggestions below are, however, on any smartphone to apply, so do you!

1. Install a different launcher

The most important step to make your Android phone a Pixel-look is by using a different Launcher to install. This allows you to adjust the home screen of your device, and you get a more convenient app overview and a simpler appearance. Good launchers are Lawnchair Launcher, Rootless Pixel Launcher and Nova Launcher. That each have their own functions, but a similar look. Below you can find the download links of the launchers.

You can also choose to have the Pixel-launcher of Google to use. Who can take you through a detour here as an apk file to download and install. Instructions can be found in our tip about how to download and install apk files.

→ Download Lawnchair Launcher in the Play Store (free)

→ Download Rootless Pixel Launcher in the Play Store (free)

→ Download Nova Launcher in the Play Store (free)

2. Choose a cool Google background

The second step is the selection of a nice wallpaper. To do this, you can get the Backgrounds app to use Google, which the search giant all kinds of beautiful and simple images are collected. The Backgrounds app is completely free and is loaded with fun wallappers, so there is always something for you.

→ Download the Google Backgrounds app in the Play Store (free)

If you want something extra? Then you can use the live (moving) backgrounds of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL use? Also you can put as apk file download (check this link) and use. Do you have the apk file installed, then you will find the live wallpapers in the Backgrounds app, so make sure that you are anyway on your phone.

3. Use Google apps

The third step: use the apps from Google and not the included applications of the manufacturer. Companies such as Samsung and Huawei, for example, have their own mail app, calendar app, and file manager, but they are often not nearly as good as the alternatives of Google. Remove they, therefore, switch them off (if your phone allows) or hide them in a folder on your device, so that it is easier to ignore.

Google Keep-update

On every Android phone, you can find all the necessary Google apps like Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, but via this link you can in the Play Store yet more Google apps download. Handy apps include Google Keep for your notes, and Gboard as your keyboard app.

4. Set the Google Assistant a good in

The Pixel-phones running, for a large gete to the Google Assistant, and so it is important that you ‘m an important place to your device. It’s good to know that the Assistant on virtually any Android phone works and you can activate the home button, press and hold. Follow the setup process and you have the clever assistant so working.

It is also possible to have the Google Assistant to speak with the “OK Google” voice command. To select this option, you go to the Google app on your device. Then choose ‘More’ and ‘Settings’. Under the heading ‘Google Assistant’ see you again ‘Settings’, and if you are here on tap that you can see under ‘Wizard’, the function ‘Voice Match’function. If you have this feature turned on follow the steps, the voice command also.

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