Column: Smartphone tidying up with Marie Kondo


Column: Smartphone opruimen met Marie Kondo

The joyful opruimmethode of Marie Kondo is my new obsession for home, but also for smartphones?

Tidying up with Marie Kondo

I have a new obsession: Marie Kondo. This ‘opruimguru’ has several popular books have been written, but I know her only through the new Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Before I was all the episodes had seen I was already involved with the question or my t-shirts yet joy gave, and I stopped, loose cables and batteries into small boxes.

In Tidying Up the Japanese Marie together with a translator on a visit to several American couples, which is a simple problem: I need to be cleaned and they do not know how. That is Marie not for them to do, but she gives practical tips and then they have to get to work.


Briefly summarized, the KonMari method from Marie about two things: it asks you for each piece of clothing, book and other item whether it brings you joy. Is that not the case, then you can do so. The intention then, that you have everything organized to clean up. That means that each object has a place of its own, for example in a box.


The series is very fun to watch, but it also brought something in me los. I try already pretty minimalist, but with this new look on my stuff could still come a lot way and better storage. I’ve even halfway through the season boxes at the IKEA ordered. Since I could not wait on the delivery, I am also at the HEMA. I was still a TOURIST voucher and use that else for? I then at the checkout of my stack of boxes and folders that whole VVV-bon’ve forgotten, is not now important.

I caught myself even at that I felt like the dryer is empty to clean up, all to fold and neatly in the cabinet to stop. That is seriously? Marie has a special vouwmethode, where each garment in a vertical orientation can stand alone. Then you place everything together on a shelf, in a drawer or a box and you can see at a glance what you have and you can easily. The results are there. The wardrobe has never been so organized. Even my underwear and socks are folded to upright packages.


The success of this opruimmethode says a lot about our time. While the world is on fire and we have a lot of personal problems experienced, it seems to clean up a concrete way to improve your life. Just like our emotions, we stop our socks just in a box in the back of the cabinet, and we have no more about. Or that really works is, of course, but the question is, but it feels good. Just take a moment to your clothes with care to fold is calming and there can be no Headspace app against.

Also on the smartphone?

But the house is one thing. I wonder if the KonMari method is to apply on the smartphone. My phone also has those dark corners of junk, as big wardrobes where you would rather not in look. Like that growing portfolio with games that I ever still wants to play, the 6000 photos on my device are stored, or the more than 500 drafts in Gmail.

But for now my tens of thousands of e-mails in a hope to throw and, one by one to see whether it is me joy, is going really too far. Given my inbox, I can Gmail better than completely going up in flames, stitches. Apps sort is realistic. Facebook? Brings for years, no joy. That folder with games where I ever again want to dive, but never have the time? In the recycle bin.

A for of you apps throw is that it’s not final, but still a neat feeling. If you regret, go to the Play Store for the apps to pick back up. That is a bit more difficult with the stuff that I have to go to the thrift store. That should I just re-buy it again. Luckily I have a TOURIST voucher.

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