Google Maps update adds information about speed cams: as you give yourself by


Google Maps-update voegt informatie over flitspalen toe: zo geef je het zelf door

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Google Maps will show information about speed cameras in your path. Users of the navigation service can also facilitate the transmission of notifications for accidents on the road.

Google Maps speed cameras to pass soon as possible

With a handful of users popped up the option in January already, now he seems to be a global roll-out. On Reddit to report people from different countries that they have information about speed cameras in Google Maps. That suggests that the option now is implemented worldwide. A spokesman of Google the Netherlands was at does not specify if and when the option available in the Netherlands.

Users that this Google Maps update is already available, see a small icon with a camera if there is a speed camera on the route. During the navigation you also by the voice warned when you are approaching a safety camera.

Google Maps flitspalen doorgeven

In addition, there is while navigating an ability to have traffic cameras and accidents on the way to match. At the top right of the screen is a speech bubble with a plus sign. By pressing, you can take a crash or a speed camera on your current location, pass. If enough reports come to Google Maps, the information, other users will be shown.

Waze and Google Maps come together

In Waze is not only information about speed cameras is shown. This alternate navigation service is also under Google, which means that the zoekbedrijf the relevant information already gathered. Since last year, is more detailed information on road works from Waze also already in Google Maps is shown. Thus, it seems only a matter of time before all the Waze features to make their way to Google Maps.

If Google decides the new information in the Netherlands, to roll out, Flitsmeister, a formidable competitor. Flitsmeister is a lot of Dutch people still now one of the most popular apps because the current information displays on (mobile) safety camera.

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