Eye-catching Nokia 9 PureView with five cameras are now for sale in the Netherlands


Opvallende Nokia 9 PureView met vijf camera’s nu in Nederland te koop

Thomas Haenen


13:13 pm
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The Nokia 9 is now available in the Netherlands. This striking Android smartphone equipped with five cameras on the back and a finger print scanner in the screen.

Nokia 9 buy: these are the best deals

Nokia know we especially like the affordable smartphones with a good value for money, but once in a while picks up the Finnish manufacturer greatly. The new Nokia 9, is a real flagship. The device is available from today everywhere in the Netherlands to purchase, the suggested retail price is 599 euro. Through our hundred we help you to find the best offers, both for the separate Nokia 9 as the smartphone with subscription.

Other manufacturers stop their smartphones packed with wide-angle lenses, telefotolenzen and other gimmicks, but on the back of the Nokia 9 are five ‘traditional’ lenses of all 12 megapixel with an aperture of f/1.8. There are two lenses that in color photography, and three monochrome black-and-white image.

If you’re in the camera app, take a photo, shoot all five lenses at the same time, a photo. That lenses are all a bit different set up. The one creates an overexposed image, the other is underexposed, another is trying as much as possible to colors to pick. The 60 megapixel image of the five cameras is then compressed into one photo. The end result is a picture with better, more natural lighting than your normal on smartphones see.

Hands-on with the Nokia 9 PureView

Earlier this year, it was Android Planet the Nokia 9, soon to try out, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. “We have the cameras, still to short can test to have a good ear, but the first pictures look good. It fell mainly in that images very natural eyes and there are no tricks to be performed to the colors, for example, to screws,” wrote Wouter in his Nokia 9 preview.

“Although the number of cameras on the back of smartphones is slowly increased (the most high-end phones have today, two or three), the “swarm” of cameras of the Nokia 9 on. It is almost futuristic, because it seems logical that in the future there will be more smartphones with so many cameras on the back to appear.”

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