If you play pc games on your smartphone with Steam Link Anywhere


Zo speel je pc-games op je smartphone met Steam Link Anywhere

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Valve has quietly Steam Link Anywhere released. With this new feature for the Steam app on your smartphone you can virtually anywhere your pc games play.

Steam Link Anywhere now available: how it works

Steam is the most popular distribution platform for pc games. Now you can thousands of games, from big names like Grand Theft Auto V to upcoming games from independent developers, as well as Rocket League. Previously, you could make that games only play on the pc, but that is slowly but surely changing.

Last year’s Valve, the company behind the software, though Steam Link. Which you could get pc games on your Android smartphone play, as long as your pc and smartphone to the same wifi network to be connected. Now the company has quietly Steam Link Anywhere introduced. You can use this to outdoors pc-games to your smartphone to stream, if you have mobile internet or wi-fi but is fast enough.

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To Steam Link Anywhere to use, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the latest beta version of Steam for your pc;
  2. Add via Steam to Link the app to a new pc, and follow the instructions that appear in the image;
  3. The app tests whether your connection is fast enough, and whether the appropriate devices are linked to each other. Then you can immediately start playing.

In addition, you also need a bluetooth controller to connect your smartphone to the games themselves to play. You can, for example, the controller of your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One link to your device.

Limited alternative for streaming service Google

Google would also be a streaming option for games to work, and presents those plans on march 19, next Tuesday. The search giant is going a step further, and let the games probably entirely via the cloud stream. The games run on your own pc at home, but through Google’s servers.

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To Steam Link Anywhere to stick compared to Google, so some of the limitations. So you can only play games if you have at home a pc with Steam on it. While you’re playing games on your smartphone, can the pc not used for anything else. In addition, you will not only have fast internet on your smartphone at the images to receive, but also a good upload speed at home to they be able to send.

Download Steam Link for Android

The Steam app to download via the link below the Play Store. The app is free and works on almost all Android smartphones. Please note that the Steam Link Anywhere functionality is still in the beta phase and that you probably still regularly against bugs encountered. When the feature is ready for the public at large, says Valve, not yet.

→ Download Steam Link in Google Play (free)