Tesla Model X: the same trick


Production from the beginning of 2021

March 15, 2019

Bob Kroese

For whom the Model 3 is too small will Tesla start in 2021 with a practical alternative. Get acquainted with the Model of Y!

Tesla expands its offerings with the Model Y. That is the little brother of the Model X, or the practical version of the Model 3, it depends on how you look at it. Tesla calls the vehicle an SUV, but the concept is more that of an MPV. Thus, the Model Y is available as a seven-seater, with two extra seats in the back. The rear seat consists of three separate chairs, which are independently adjusted and tilted down. The dashboard is taken from the Model 3 and is actually only a type of board with the wheel and a 15 inch display. A glass roof is standard. That the Model of Y is closely related to the Model 3, you can also see on the outside. Various components of the two models can be exchanged.

The electric powertrain is available in four different versions. As with the Model 3, the four-wheel drive versions, the first in the market. That have two electric motors and thus more power. The Long-Range performance is good for a range of 505 miles and can in just 5.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h sprint. In addition, there is the Performance version, with more powerful electric motors and a slightly smaller range. Of the rear-wheel drive variants come in two flavors: Standard Range and Long Range.

The Model Y is now to be ordered, you must pay a deposit of 2,000 euros. The standard equipment of the Model Y includes power front seats, a multimedia and navigation system and the aforementioned glass roof. The Dutch price is not yet known, but Tesla announced previously that the Model Y 10 percent more expensive than the Model 3. That would mean that the Longe Range version in our country is so’n 61.000 euros and the Performance-implementation approximately 73.000 euro. The production for the European market start at the beginning of 2021. The cheaper versions go a year later in production.

Versions Tesla Model Y

implementation drive 0-100 km/h top speed range
Standard Range behind 6,3 sec. 193 km/h 390 km
Longe Range behind 5,8 sec. 209 km/h 540 km
Longe Range front+rear 5,1 sec. 217 km/h 505 km
Performance front+rear 3,7 sec. 241 km/h 480 km