Xbox Live comes to Android: Microsoft wants mobile game world conquer


Xbox Live komt naar Android: ook Microsoft wil mobiele gamewereld veroveren

Michel van ‘t Klaphek


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Soon you can on your Android smartphone, log in to Xbox Live. Microsoft has for game developers made easy to the social network to their games to add.

How Xbox Live Android support

Soon you can during the play of Android games includes your achievements, scores, statistics and friends to view and keep track of. The only thing you need to do is during gameplay, you log in once on your Xbox Live account, just like you now log in to Play Services from Google. The timing of Microsoft is remarkable because Google on march 19, a game event.

Microsoft has the game developers made it any easier to Xbox Live in their game to integrate. Previously the service was only available on Xbox consoles and the pc, but now Microsoft stores are wings. The company hopes its social gaming platform in this way to as many as possible devices. Or game developers heed to this desire, of course, is the question.

Xbox Live Android 1

It looks a bit like the way Minecraft over the past few years. First was the popular game is only available on the computer, but soon followed also versions for the popular consoles. It was always possible to get your performance to keep track of by logging on to Xbox Live.

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xCloud: Netflix for games

The new announcement is under Microsoft’s mission to become the biggest player in the game industry. For example, the company Microsoft Game Stack developed, where developers of games can create, launch and manage.

Also, xCloud is coming, a service to video games to streaming. Here, you install the games on your console, or your Android smartphone, but the stream you through the internet. The only thing that you need is a fast connection.

This week was xCloud to the public at large displayed, and Microsoft promises the service soon. At launch you can play free trial versions of popular games, such as the aforementioned Minecraft. A release date is not yet known.

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