Android news #11: Android Q-beta and affordable Galaxy S10-alternative


Android nieuws #11: Android Q-bèta en betaalbaar Galaxy S10-alternatief

Wouter Nijsen


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First Android Q-beta is available for Pixel-phones: you need to know

Eerste Android Q-features

The moment is finally there. Google has the first Android Q-beta released for all the Pixel-phones. This is the first ontwikkelaarsbèta (Developer Preview 1), which is still not for the general public, but anyone can try. With Android Q takes Google quite to your privacy, to improve and enhance the security of your smartphone. Also introduces Android Q a system-wide dark mode, allowing app builders this function is no longer ‘release’ do build.

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“Samsung is working on affordable Galaxy S10-alternative’

Samsung Galaxy S10 preview

With a suggested retail price of 899 euros is the Galaxy S10 is far from a cheap device. Samsung introduced this year for the first time, a cheaper variant, the Galaxy S10e. Equipped with virtually the same hardware but with a camera less and without finger print scanner in the screen. This variant requires, however, still 749 euro. Therefore, Samsung has another flagship with a better price-quality ratio, so claims a usually reliable Chinese source on Twitter. At this moment there are already several alternatives for the Galaxy S10 which are worth considering.

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Huawei P Smart Plus (2019) triple camera to the Netherlands

huawei p smart plus 2019

Huawei has the release of the P Smart Plus (2019) in the Netherlands, not officially announced yet, but in store Belsimpel is the smartphone. Belsimpel mentions a suggested retail price of 259 euros and says the phone within a few days to deliver. That would mean that the new P Smart Plus from next is available. The Huawei P Smart Plus (2019) is the successor of the P Smart Plus and a bit of an odd duck in the bite. The device is almost identical to its predecessor with one important difference. The 2019 edition has three cameras on the back, where it’s going to be a primary lens 24 megapixels, wide-angle lens with 16 megapixels and a 2 megapixel depth sensor.

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Emergency services automatically see your location when you have 112-emergency number

112 locatie uitg

Those who call 112 is in urgent need of help. When every second counts, it is important that the ambulance, police or fire brigade quickly on the spot. That is now easier, because Android smartphones automatically share your location to the monitoring station. Now, the Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is automatically enabled on Android phones, making the centralist your precise location can be seen. The technique is automatically turned on when you go to the 112-emergency number: so you don’t have your own settings in diving. During the call, your exact location can be calculated on the basis of the wi-fi network, gps signal and other sensors. For confirmation, ask the 112-employee or the automatically transmitted location is correct, then the emergency services on the road.

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Behind HTC runs on: Android Pie update until next quarter

htc u12 plus review

HTC made last year be known that there are four smartphones a Android Pie update would get the new HTC U12 Plus, U11 Plus, U11 and U11 Life. Only the U11 Life – that under the Android One program is now updated to the latest version of the operating system. HTC let now know that the other phones from the second quarter of 2019 (april, may, and June) an update. When that exactly happens is unclear, says HTC availability per country can differ. The company is, in any case, late with the update: many other manufacturers have Android Pie all for different devices released.

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