Column: Why should local shops close


Column: Daarom moeten lokale winkels sluiten

Erwin Vogelaar


10:41 pm
4 min


It was high time for a new laptop, but the choice to order them online I didn’t go as planned.

New laptop

I am a flexible worker. As long as I have a web browser, I can as a freelance journalist getting started and that’s why I use the past five years with a lot of fun cheap Chromebooks. My current Chromebook is even for the last three years, but is now really on his short.

The letters on the keyboard are due to the hard work’s faded and as soon as I get the left edge of the screen touch, the entire laptop breakdown. I send a bunch of gifs via Telegram, then slows down the poorly optimized app even the whole system. But what can you expect from a laptop of less than three hundred euro?

I’m not very OS-fixed. Some people swear by Windows or macOS, but I have in my life all used. Under other Windows laptops, Chromebooks, and when I was still in Journalism studied a MacBook. Anyway, I find it interesting to see how different companies are changing their operating system to address and improve.

Now was the time to try to invest in a new laptop. After much hesitation I opted for a MacBook Air. That turned out to be a difficult choice, not in the last place because of my previous laptops so cheap they were. Now I spent more time searching for the information about laptops, then actually working, and that is of course not the intention. Therefore, I took the plunge.

nieuwe laptop

Order Online

The laptop I ordered a course online, because that is easy. You know that you have the right product to address, that it is not open and you need to except the delivery person, no people to speak to. I had gespiekt at the local Apple store or I the laptop could immediately retrieve, but through the web shop of the store was only the gold version is in stock and… gold is not me.

The laptop would be the following day by UPS to be delivered to my home and I was asked freshly showered and had breakfast ready, but the bell rang, but not. When I got to the beginning of the afternoon, suddenly, an email from Apple, or I got more out of my Mac wanted to get. This was followed by a text message which stated that the articles (laptop and cable) were concerned. However, I had nothing.

Through the tracker, UPS I saw that the package was somewhere else, delivered. The quoted name looked a lot like the local Apple store where I got my laptop so had not ordered. And yes, there were somewhere up in the office, my laptop, cable and a box with clothes from a whole different online shop.

The packaging of the cable had been by the store already opened. This allowed the shop owner clearly tell that I have the wrong cable had purchased for my MacBook. And why I had the laptop, not actually through them ordered? When I explained that they are not the right color, he grumbled that they were able to order it. When he found it necessary even to tell me that this is the reason why local shops have to close. With a new sense of guilt and a laptop under the arm, I was able to go home.


I had at home just need to relax, because I was livid. Mainly UPS, because they are my laptop, not only just when someone else had delivered, but to me there is also no message was sent. Once home, I saw that on the packaging even clearly said: “No Delivery to Neighbour’. That means also No Delivery to the One Shop in the Street’.

The UPS and the driver have now their excuses are offered and therefore it is well for me. It is understood that the courier on autopilot the Apple products at the Apple store has been delivered. Those clothes, I forget. Further, I rarely have problems with the delivery of packets. That experience in the store has, however, again confirmed why I prefer online ordering.

Of course it is terrible when people losing work, now, as at the conclusion of all that Intertoys-shopping happens. Local shops can often be a certain service provide which you will not find in an online shop. When I was at the end of last year a new washing machine needed, went to the lord of the local elektrowinkel not way before the new device under the prehistoric dryer was in a room where literally an inch on each side left. It took a lot of profanity, tools, and my arm is in between!!’ until the well was, but then you have something. But let’s be honest: you do not need to and no people to speak while you shop? There nothing can beat it.

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