Solid form for app icons, gives Play Store tidy look


Vaste vorm voor app-icoontjes geeft Play Store opgeruimde look

Erwin Vogelaar


17:10 pm
2 min


Google gives the Play Store a little make-over. App-makers are required to comply with new rules for the form of their app icons.

App icons get fixed form

Scroll through the apps in the Google Play Store, then you will quickly app icons in all kinds of different shapes. That is going to change. Google has new rules for the digital store to clean up.

At this time, use app-makers, including Google, separate forms for their icons with a transparent background. The a used a square, the other a star, and Google itself has triangles. According to the new rules, all app-icons a ‘squircle’. That is not a Pokémon, but a combination of a ‘square’ and ‘circle’. It comes down to a square with rounded corners.


According to Google, these new rules are intended to provide more consistency in the Play Store and the shop a more clean look. It is also for users in this way easier to focus on the artwork.

App-makers do not have the corners of their artwork cut. As long as they have their icon square to deliver, place, Google Play automatically creates a mask over it so the corners are rounded and shadow is added.


One of the other ways in which app-makers are trying to fall, is by a ‘badge’. That means that in the corner of an icon, for example ‘sale’ or ‘new’ state. Google recommends this, but doesn’t allow it yet. By the new round corners eyes badges in any case, less beautiful.

From may 2019 may icons, not the old way with different shapes are provided. Upload app-creators, no new icon, then in the long term the old icon by Google reduces and in a squircle.

Inspires you to create a cleaning? We tell you how in three steps you can make your Play Store-library tidy up.

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