KPN is going to compete


As a result of the campaign of T-Mobile to promote its Wi-fi services, KPN has decided to compete with the German telco with a cheap, flat-fee UMTS subscription to introduce. Previously paid Wi-fi subscribers at T-Mobile 20 Euro per month (30 Euros for non-subscribers), while the flat-fee UMTS subscription of KPN for Eur 75 per month over the counter went.

Since this week, the KPN has a UMTS subscription 45 Euro per month in its range, Flat Fee Lite. Still more than the double of the T-Mobile rates, but UMTS coverage is obviously a lot better than the 500 hotspots from T-Mobile. A downside of KPN is, however, that there is a data limit of 200MB on the account. You come up there, then you pay 25ct per Mb extra.