This was said by Google about the relationship Fuchsia and Android at Google I/O 2017


Dit zei Google over relatie Fuchsia en Android op Google I/O 2017

During Google I/O 2017, there was time for developers to ask questions to Google. One of those questions was about the relationship between the new Google Fuchsia and Android.

How to prevent Google Fuchsia and Android to each other?

During a session of questions at the developer conference itself Google I/O 2017, was Google the question of how Fuchsia and Android to each other to deter. “How do you spell Fuchsia?”, jokes Googles Dave Burke, in his response. “Fuchsia is an experimental project which is still at an early stage. We have a lot of great early projects at Google.”

fuchsia en android

It is clear that Burke evasive responds to the question about Fuchsia. The new operating system that Google is working on, will be possible in the future to Android replaced. “I think it’s interesting that Fuchsia open source is,” says Burke. “So people can view and respond to. Like many start-up projects, will also Fuchsia will probably still be quite a change. Work there are very smart people and it is exciting to see what will happen.”

Fuchsia is fully created by Google, from the kernel to the programming language. As a result, the new operating system a lot safer than Android. Also have Fuchsia smooth working on both new and old devices. Android is now on more than two billion active devices are used. There, the operating system has difficult, so a sequel is welcome.

It is logical that Google is not yet extensively about Fuchsia wants to talk. The project is still in an early phase. In addition, all attention goes now to the better advantage of Android with other Android O. Google on Google I/O developers and users excited for the updates for Android. Logical, because Fuchsia is probably still far in the future. This does not mean, however, that we are not already thinking about it. According to us, Google is Fuchsia, and the Android-successor, which we need.

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