Samsung announces Galaxy Watch, and has a gift for quick decision makers


Samsung kondigt Galaxy Watch aan en heeft een kado voor snelle beslissers

Samsung has the Galaxy Watch presented. The smart watch is from the 7th of september in the Dutch shelves. Android Planet tells you all about the specifications, features and a gift for quick decision-makers.

Galaxy Watch to be officially unveiled

After several rumours about a Samsung-developed smartwatch, the ball is now by the church. The Galaxy Watch is at the same time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 officially presented during a press conference via livestream to follow. He follows the Gear S3, the previous watch of Samsung.

Galaxy Watch kleuren

The Galaxy Watch will come out in two versions. The entry-level model with a kastgrootte of 42mm and 1.2 inch amoled screen comes in rosé gold and black, and costs 309 euro. The larger variant has a kastgrootte of 46mm with a screen size of 1.3 inch. This larger model comes only in silver and it costs 329 euros. The Galaxy Watch has a luxurious appearance. In addition, you can wristbands to swap, which you can Watch to your taste.

Both models will run on an Exynos chipset, and include 4GB of storage memory. Via bluetooth and nfc you can connect with other devices. In other countries there is also a version sold independently about mobile internet via 4G offers, but that is not in the Netherlands.

Smart watch has stressmeter

The watch has a number of smart features available, and now you’re sleeping in the holes. In the morning you get an update. In addition, the Watch about a stressmeter you breathing exercises recommends as soon as you levels through the roof.

Galaxy Watch black

For a long time the rumour went that the Galaxy Watch on Wear OS would run, formerly known as Android Wear. Here, however, shows nothing of where to be. Samsung choose for for the Watch to rest with Tizen OS, a custom operating system.

Gift for quick decision makers

The Galaxy Watch is from the 7th of september in the shop and is now available to reserve. Who between 9 August and 6 september order, receive a free charging dock as a gift. With this new accessory you can at the same time, you watch and Samsung smartphone charging.

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