4 things you must know about Galaxy Home, Samsung’s HomePod-competitor


4 zaken die je moet weten over Galaxy Home: Samsungs HomePod-concurrent

Samsung has the Galaxy Home presented. The company goes the battle with Apple’s HomePod. Android Planet tells you everything you need to know about this smart speaker.

Galaxy Home be officially presented this, you need to know

The Apple HomePod will get there a formidable competitor. There have been going for years rumors about a Samsung developed smart speaker, and just is the Galaxy Home simultaneously with the Note 9 was officially released. These are the four things that you really need to know.

1. Luxury speaker will compete with Apple

The Galaxy Home is a high-quality speaker, and the confrontation with the HomePod, Apples smart speaker. The device is in cooperation with the famous audioproducent Harman Kardon made and should therefore be distinguished thanks to the excellent sound quality.


In terms of design, the speaker slightly away from a vase. He is not directly on the ground, but held up by three legs (a tripod). Attached to the upper side buttons to adjust the volume. Here you can also skip tracks, or fast forward. The Galaxy Home is about one and a half times as large as the HomePod.

2. Bixby first

The Galaxy Home has six built-in speakers and a subwoofer, which enables you to enjoy surround sound audio. This is the sound from all directions, and you as a listener, the midpoint. In addition, there are eight microphones in the Galaxy Home your voice recognize.

By “Hi Bixby” to say you can, for example, the Samsung assistant activate. Then the assistant to play music, answer questions, or all of the other tasks currently on your Samsung smartphone. Bixby still can’t speak Dutch and therefore you need to be talking English.

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3. Spotify playback through the Galaxy Home

Spotify and Samsung will work together. The largest muziekstreamingdienst in the world is the default music app for the Galaxy Home. In addition, it is possible in the future to playlists, albums and songs through Spotify on all Samsung tv’s and smartphones to play.

4. When is the Galaxy Home?

That is a good question. During the presentation, nothing is said about the release date or suggested retail price. However, we do know that Samsung, during its spurred on with in november more details on the availability or disclose. Perhaps the company wants to the speaker in december launch. Sign up for our newsletter, or download the Android Planet app to stay informed!

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