Galaxy 9 now pre-order: check here the best offers


Galaxy Note 9 nu te pre-orderen: check hier de beste aanbiedingen

Now the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been officially announced, it is also possible to use the smartphone to order. Pre-order the flagship at the time, then you can take advantage of a huge discount. In this article, we explain how and we put the best deals for you below.

In our hundred you will find the best deals for a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with subscription. A loose Galaxy 9 buy can also, of course, where you have 999 1249 euro pay depending on which variant you choose.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 pre-ordering

The Galaxy Note 9 is the new flagship of Samsung for the second half of 2018, and will be slightly earlier than its predecessor last year. Note 9 shows many outward similarities with the Note 8 and samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus), but is definitely much improved and features a number of unique features. The unit is from the 24th of August in the stores and has a suggested retail price of 999 euro. This is the 128GB model, you can choose the 512GB variant, then you will pay 1249 euro.

A considerable amount of money, even though you can, during the pre-order period will greatly benefit. Samsung has an upgrade offer from, where you bring in your old smartphone in return for extra for. When you hand your old phone in, you will receive 100 euro on top of the trade-in value of your smartphone. Exchange you have an old Galaxy Note phone, then you’ll even get 200 euros back, on top of the trade-in value. Important to know: the upgrade offer from runs until 23 August. A day before the official release.

About the Galaxy Note 9

samsung galaxy note 9 officieel

As I said, it seems the new Note 9 has a lot on his predecessor and the design has hardly changed. The unit once again has an ‘infinity display’, that almost the whole front of the frame, 6,4 inch measure and a resolution of 2960 at 1440 pixels. The main improvements have to do with the S Pen, the signature pen of the Note line. The stylus now has bluetooth and a button, allowing you, for example, at a distance a selfie can make, YouTube videos can pause and play, and slides can operate. Also, the S Pen now dust – and waterproof, and he goes for a half-hour after only 40 seconds to recharge.

Under the hood of the Galaxy Note 9, we find an Exynos 9810-chip with 6/8GB RAM and 128/512GB of storage. In addition, the battery is considerably larger: 4000 mAh, compared to the 3300 mAh battery of the Note 8. This will make the smartphone even with very heavy use a full day. Furthermore, the double 12 megapixel camera now has a variable aperture, and detects the Galaxy Note 9 twenty ‘scenes’. On the basis of that information set the camera app to automatically add the correct settings. By default, running the Note 9 on Android 8.1 (Oreo) with Samsung’s Experience-skin.

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