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i30 Fastback N is the following

August 10, 2018

Bob Kroese

Hyundai is going to be a new N-label for sporty models in the coming years to further develop. The i30 N, and i30 Fastback N are just the beginning…

We can make the next time more N models of Hyundai expect. It announces that it plans to make its new sports label. The i30 N, which is now in the showroom, is the first model, and soon the i30 Fastback N. With these two cars, the process was soon completed in Europe. In other parts of the world offers Hyundai the Veloster N.

Hyundai wants to be with his N-label not a pure performance focus, it should be especially to driving pleasure. But, Hyundai should Hyundai not be the case if not all N-models also simply practical, daily use. Albert Biermann, who is the head of the sportafdeling, says: “We are not afraid to do things differently. Our models bring performance and functionality in balance, so every day they are fun to drive.”

Hyundai also continues with the roll-out of N Options. This can regular models be dressed sporty with N elements, without the corresponding performance. What are the new models for the coming years can expect, unfortunately, is not yet known.