Samsung Galaxy Note 9 preview: a great flagship with minor improvements


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 preview: groot vlaggenschip met kleine verbeteringen

Samsung presented yesterday the Galaxy Note 9, and Android Planet was in Amsterdam just as with the device to get started. What are the main improvements, and has the Note 9 enough new features to the suggested retail price of 999 euro to justify? Read more in this preview.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 preview

It is August, traditionally the month in which Samsung are latest Galaxy Note device from the cloth does. The Galaxy Note 9 is a bit earlier in the year than the Note 8 last year, what with the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus would have to.

samsung galaxy note 9 preview

Where the Galaxy S-line on a large audience is addressed, has the Note-series has a smaller target audience to specific functions. Think of the S Pen, the (slightly) larger screen and more powerful hardware. Still, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note line become more and more akin, what was visible when the Note 8. The differences with the Galaxy S8 were minimal, and with the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 is that on paper, too.

Little external changes

Designtechnisch there is little change to the Note 9 to that of its predecessor. The device has the same design, with a voorkantvullend super-amoled screen and thin bezels on the bottom and the top. The device is a few grams heavier and a bit thicker than the Note 8, which is most likely due to the larger battery (more about that later).

The screen is a little grown, although the difference between 6,4 and 6,3 inch minimum and not immediately noticeable if you have the Galaxy Note 9 in your hands. Goes again to a super-amoled panel and resolution of 2560 by 1440 pixels, the Note 9 by default set to 2280 by 1080 pixels. Hardly any changes, but this is not very. The screen of the Galaxy Note 9 looks excellent, and displays images beautifully.

samsung galaxy note 9 preview

To the rear is a major improvement was made: the finger print scanner is now not next to but below the camera. This is the scanner on the touch are much easier to find. However, it is the finger print scanner a bit on the small side and is going to unlock is not as fast as for example the OnePlus 6 or Google Pixel 2. A step forward is definitely.

S Pen with new features

The Galaxy Note series is distinguished in particular by the S Pen, the stylus that is included with the smartphones is provided. The S Pen is a bit more functional by the ‘ie is now on bluetooth. This allows you to have certain functions of the Note 9 on the remote control.

With the new button on the S Pen, you can, for example, the camera app and take a photo. Or, press twice to switch camera to a selfie. That worked during my previewsessie pretty well, and quickly, and is useful if you have a large group of people in the photo. Put the Galaxy Note 9 somewhere, and with the button on the S Pen then get the snapshot.

samsung galaxy note 9 preview

Furthermore, you can in the YouTube app, videos play and pause, and browse through the gallery app or a presentation control. This might sound useful, but in our eyes, still more of a gimmick, and we can’t imagine that the S Pen often, that way you will use. Most people have the scribe probably prefer to take notes or sketch. The functionality of the S Pen after the release of the Note 9 to be further extended, because Samsung has a sdk release for developers. They can than new features for the stylus to invent and implement. Also cool: the S Pen is a half hour long to use and then loads in just 40 seconds.

Great battery and lots of storage

An improvement where we get really excited about, is the larger 4000 mAh battery of the Galaxy Note 9. This is significantly more than the battery of the Note 8 (3300 mAh) and must ensure that the new Note is a lot longer lasting. During our previewsessie that was impossible to test, and we need the unit longer use to see how good the battery life actually is.

Samsung promises that even with very heavy use the day to get through. Charging, just like with previous Galaxy devices – via the usb-c port, with support for Quick Charge and wireless charging is present.

samsung galaxy note 9 preview

Samsung wants, in addition, that users never run out of storage, and has the entry-level model equipped with 128GB of storage. It is as a 108GB free for the user and that is approximately twice as much as in the Note 8. New this year is that there is also a 512GB version is released, which by means of a micro-sd memory card of 512GB up to a terabyte(!) can expand. Impressive, but also pretty expensive: the 512GB variant costs 1249 euros and the card you should still have los to purchase.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 9 on the Exynos 9810-chip, which we know from the Galaxy S9 (Plus). According to Samsung it is a bit faster, and he provides excellent performance. Real speed differences between the Note 9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were not really noticeable, yet it is the smartphone simply smooth in use. Everything runs fast and without a hitch, though it is not as smooth as on the OnePlus 6. That probably has to do with the software of Samsung, even though it is a bit heavier than stock Android.

Dual camera and smarter software

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a two-camera (12 + 12 megapixel) with optical image stabilization. A property that is inherited from the Galaxy S9, the variable aperture. The smartphone adjusts the aperture automatically based on the lighting conditions. Is it dark, is chosen for an aperture of f/1.5, so that as much light is captured. With plenty of daylight turns the camera to f/2.4. This need for better pictures, but we could still not a good way to test.

samsung galaxy note 9 preview

Completely new is that the camera app of the Galaxy Note 9 smarter. The phone can now scenes recognize and the settings to adjust. This happens for example when the software sees that you are a person trying to photograph, or a landscape capture. Really innovative is not: there are already several Android flagships appeared to do the same.

A lot more convenient is that the Galaxy Note 9 you know when a photo is not entirely successful. Blink you just at the moment you press the shutter button, with your eyes, then gives the camera app a message telling you that you shot better again. The same happens if the photo is not completely sharp, or too much backlight. That works well and can be quite useful.

Android 8.1 with radical skin

Although Android 9.0 (Pie) earlier this week was released, the Galaxy Note 9 on Android 8.1 (Oreo). This is not a disaster, though it will probably take still some time before Pie in the Note 9 is available. Users of the Galaxy Note 8 had no less than seven months to wait until Android Oreo became available. Samsung has, unfortunately, not disclosed when the Note 9 to the latest Android version.

What security concerns is the manufacturer a lot faster. The patches are monthly and relatively easily released, allowing users to remain protected against all vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system. Also in Note 9, you can count on this.

Conclusion Samsung Galaxy Note 9 preview

Our first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 grotens positive. Although the design has hardly changed, the Galaxy Note 9 a beautiful smartphone that also has a nice powerful hardware. In addition, the 4000 mAh battery is a significant step forward, the finger print scanner better and the camera is a bit improved.

Yet – like last year – the differences with the Galaxy S line is small and we wonder how many people are willing hundreds of euros to pay more for a (admittedly improved) stylus, extra camera functions and more storage. For many people it seems the Galaxy S9 Plus, which is about as big and powerful, then the better buy. Keep Android Planet the next time watching for the extensive review of the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 order

Are you planning the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to buy, than you will find in our hundred all the deals for a Galaxy Note 9 with subscription. For a single Galaxy Note 9 you pay € 999 (128GB storage) or 1249 euros (512GB). On August 24, is the smartphone in the Dutch shops. Pre-ordering may to 23 August, where you can take advantage of a huge discount.