These new emoji are being considered for 2019


Deze nieuwe emoji worden overwogen voor 2019

Each year, we can count on new emoji. These are the kandidaatemoji for 2019, with more diversity in relationships and constraints.

New emoji 2019: still more diversity

The Unicode Consortium has put forth a slew of new emoji are ready for 2019. Among other must the next year be possible to press 55 new ways to couples to show. That is done by two standing emoji with different skin tones next to one another. Then they turn into a bunch of that hands.

In total, the organization behind our emoji 179 new pictures. His 61 total different emoji, with the addition of various variants. Among the new proposals is also an emoji for a deaf person and an assistance dog.

These emoji are now presented as candidates. A next meeting in september to determine whether the emoji will actually be implemented next year on your smartphone.

Also been busy with 2020

The organization is also concerned with possible emoji for 2020. For these candidates is a ninja, military helmet, mammoth, dodo, wand, saw, and screwdriver. In 2018, were there among other people with red hair, bald people, a broom, cupcake and superhero added.

emoji 2019

Emphasis on diversity

Emoji started once simple and universal. When, however, realistic-looking images were added, diversity was more important. Because why would that one little doll, for example, only a white male? “I find it a pity that the emoji is so detailed be,” said emoji-expert Lilian Stolk when Android Planet with her last year spoke. “If you make them with slightly less details, they would be universal. Because emoji are now so many details have, more and more needs and requirements of the users and keeps the actually not with new symbols.”

In July it is World Emoji Day. This year we have Stolk again spoken about the current state of emoji. Read more about Android-burgers and the zonderwoorden-book.