Renault is working on a new Sport Spider – Autonieuws |


October 13, 2006

Renault wants to make its Formula 1 achievements to collect with a new two-seater convertible. The model, which is the spiritual successor of the Renaultsport Spider, it would be in 2010, should appear.

The previous attempt of the French brand to set foot to the ground to get in the sporting cabriosegment, failed miserably. The Renault Sport Spider without windscreen and convertible top had been a moving adrenalinepomp but in the eyes of many customers yet, just a little hardcore.

With the new compact cabriolet wants Renault to its Formula 1 success with monetization. That already happens with the special F1 edition Megane, which, incidentally, is not available in the Netherlands. The newcomer is in any case more user-friendly than the Sport Spider from 1996.

Renault will join the design undoubtedly inspired by the market leader in the segment, the Mazda MX-5. With a windscreen and hood, and sporty without becoming uncomfortable. But that is not perpendicular to the spartan Formula 1 cars?