Test: Toyota Yaris GRMN [driving test and photos]


Review Toyota Yaris GRMN 1.8 VVT-i

September 14, 2018

Text and photos: Elco van der meer

Few brands think so in extremes as Toyota. The brand is embracing hybrid technology, say goodbye to the diesel engine and has a hondsbetrouwbaar and especially what a good boy image. Very occasionally prove to the Japanese that things can be different. The GT86 is such a surplus, and a fierce Supra is upcoming. For normal models, the future looks bright since Toyota promises to make driving experience more important. To get hot to make, there is now the limited edition Yaris GRMN. Do you go with it?

His full name is this Yaris ‘Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nürburgring’, a reference to his fine-tuning on one of the most iconic racetracks in the world. Not every future Toyota with the G Sports label will be so obvious sporty be matched as this, the Yaris is especially a pioneer. Seasoning, if you like. If you, despite the rather penalty price of 46.490 euro to see it sit, then I have bad news for you. The five Yaris GRMN instances that the Netherlands are already long sold out. With the eye on Toyota’s plans for the future is ‘m testing in addition to fun also still somewhat relevant. What are we waiting for?


The Toyota Yaris is of itself not the spannendst designed car. That the model for a number of years around also conceals the latest facelift. That makes it even cleverer that the GRMN there is actually sporty look. The large, high gloss black grille, ditto alloy wheels and modest lowering wear them subtle, the striking black-and-red stickers are really iconic. Skeptics that all is not sporty enough to run with if they the back. A large central exhaust, and a biggest of a roof spoiler to fight here to get your attention.

You Open the large door, then follow you to a sporting ambience. The steering wheel is direct and connoisseurs have previously seen it in a GT86. The sporty bucket seats are covered with rough alcantara and finished with beautiful red and white stitching, an embroidered G logo on the fixed headrest should of course not be missing. This logo returns on the steering wheel, in the tellerbak and on the carpets continues to the interior untouched. More has the effective dashboard of the Yaris is not necessary.


The pleasure of driving in a sports car starts with a good seating position. Toyota knows that, but the brave Yaris transformation to sporty hatchback brings the necessary challenges. This ensures that the chair is ultimately too high for the really sporty feeling. Also the steering wheel adjustment is very limited and despite the depth adjustment is always too far away. Don’t get me wrong, ultimately, it’s all fine, but on this part of the experience this Yaris.


The central touch screen is not working and also the software looks relatively old, but not the buyer, will this interfere. Important are the long gear lever, the compact steering wheel and the directness with which the pedals respond. The gear lever is quite long, the strokes are very short and that is a bit strange. Switch feels a little stilted, but it can quickly. The clutch pedal feels sporty-heavy and is associated properly dosing. There is nothing on to things.


What it’s all about in this GRMN is the drive. Already in the first meters you have by that this is a toy is, the realization that it is an insanely good toy is follows not much later. They have from Toyota is not easy from made, because this crazy thing has everything what you want from a hot hatchback expected. And more.

A ‘hot hatch’ is not characterized by only a powerful engine, yet it determines a great part of the experience. This Yaris is that engine is really something special. Here, under the hood, not a tiny engine with a turbo, but a 1.8 litre with supercharger. Yes, you read that right. Where a turbo uses the exhaust gases, a supercharger by engine-driven. Every movement of the accelerator pedal is instantly strengthened, making the original motorkarakter fully preserved. Thanks to this technique, the 1.8 now, the performance of a 2.5 liter without the corresponding weight.

The 212 hp and 249 Nm which it produces are fairly similar to the turbo-competition, the way it is released is of a very different order. The maximum force is free to play, you will actually have to work hard. At 5.000 rpm is the maximum torque available, and most of the horses are situated right on the ‘redline’ at 6.800 rpm. You have but little imagination is needed to know what to do – gas, gas, more gas! In practice, a turbo maybe faster, to the gradual way in which the Yaris its power to build up, and the associated perception that technology simply cannot match.

The crazy thing makes the hooligan in me los.

The engine is hung in a well-groomed carriage in which nothing is left to chance is left. Nice: the car is not too firmly damped, or muted, you also have just a little less tight roads a lot of fun. The Nordschleife, the Nürburgring which are tested, is certainly no knives & blades and understand with a sturdy frame, you would say the road contact can lose. Nothing like that in the Yaris GRMN, feel the Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tyres as the limiting factor. The are certainly not the least rubbers, yet, they are emotionally too quickly won. It makes curious. What would this Yaris on semi-slicks do?

Such ties would ‘m probably much better, because the show is already not the air. The rear is easy with the gas pedal to send the car quickly and decisively the bend in the turn. Thanks to the mechanical limited slip differential on the front axle you should be aware that the nose is to accelerate even further the bend in to eat. You know, it good to dose, is the speed at which you turn uitaccelereert almost frightening, and also extremely entertaining. The self-control it is difficult in this Yaris. The crazy thing makes the hooligan in me los.


Relevant is not the price of 46.490 euro. All four hundred lhd Yarissen (and 200 Japanese Vitzen) are sold out. The only thing relevant that I can report is the fuel consumption of 1 at 9.4. That seems pretty neat, but to the consumption of plezierritten to compensate, I have large stretches of motorway with 100 to 110 km/h travelled. If you do not, then a value of 1 to 7 you are not surprised. It is, after all, not a Hybrid.


The Toyota is succeeded to a níeuwe car to build with character and unadulterated analogue driving pleasure. The driving experience is almost classical, and which is nothing more than a great compliment. Considering its limited edition and special technique is the klassiekerstatus already near, and that you can’t buy feels like a loss.

We have the Yaris GRMN, but also view if what he is – a foretaste of the future GR versions. If it is something from the analog rebellion in that this Yaris is so irresistible, it seems a place of its own between the sporting labels guaranteed. You have set the bar high, Toyota. Ask us please do not disappoint.


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