This Android smartphone got a (security)update – week 37


Deze Android-smartphones kregen een (beveiligings)update – week 37

Android manufacturers rolling throughout the year by updates, but not to all devices. That is why we have the smartphones that are updated regularly in a row.

The Android security overview of week 36

Android on the Planet, we pay regular attention to updates that devices receive. Many of the new Android versions, when phones, for example, be updated to Android 9.0 (Pie). We have also the Android 8.0 update-overview and Android 9.0 update-summary, where you can see exactly if and when your phone receive an update.

But manufacturers also bring throughout the year by updates, and which are often just as important. Although they are not major new features contain, will you still be protected against all of the (critical) security vulnerabilities on a monthly basis appear. Every week we put, therefore, at a glance which devices a update have received in the past seven days, so you are always aware.


Google gave last week to the security update of september off, so many manufacturers can go back to update. Samsung is careful from the start and until now, only the Galaxy Note 8 will be updated. The unit of last year is also of some new features provided, including superslowmotion and AR Emoji.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – security update september 2018 and additional features


There are only a few manufacturers as quickly and fully with the security updates if Nokia. As soon as Google a new patch rolling out, Nokia is already in the starting blocks to also make it available. A first handful of this week’s turn. In addition, there is this week a new Android Pie-beta for the 7 Plus and can owners of the Nokia 3.1 getting started with Android Oreo.

Nokia 7 Plus – Android 9.0 (Pie)-beta and security update september 2018
Nokia 3.1 – Android 8.1 update, security update september 2018
Nokia 5 security update september 2018
Nokia 6 security update september 2018
Nokia 8 Sirocco – security update september 2018

android beveiligingsupdate


Also Sony is with the roll-out of september started. The complete Xperia XZ1-series is the first to turn, but most likely follow other smartphones including the Xperia XZ2 series quickly.

Sony Xperia XZ1 – security update september 2018
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact – security update september 2018
Sony Xperia Z Premium – security update september 2018

Hold your smartphone in the holes

If your device is not in the list? No need to panic, because some manufacturers bring updates as possible until later. And even if your phone is in the list, it is sometimes just a matter of waiting. Often it takes a few days before an update all copies of a smartphone reached. Keep Android Planet in the holes for the following list of security patches, or see our overview with expected Android 8.0 updates and Android 9.0 updates.

You will miss an update in this overview? Let us know in the comments below!