News: Mazda CX-5 model year 2019 |


Various small improvements for the popular SUV

October 11, 2018

Bob Kroese

Mazda performs for the new model year, several changes to the CX-5. The popular SUV is equipped with a new control panel for the air conditioning.

The Mazda CX-5 is undergoing some changes. For the Japanese market, announces the brand a few improvements, that will soon be on the European versions made will be. It mainly goes to small changes, which you cannot see from the outside.

In the interior you would be the redesigned buttons of the climate control spot. According to Mazda, the new control panel less cluttered and easier to use. Also visible for the experienced spotter, is the redesigned audio system. The cheapest version is from model year 2019 equipped with six instead of four speakers, which also look nicer finished. The multimedia system now supports also Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which lets certain apps of a smartphone can be used on the screen in the car.

Furthermore, Mazda is introducing GVC Plus on the CX-5. The G-Vectoring Control system was already available, but can now also remingrepen the cornering stability improve. The brand will be the updated system soon with the other models to roll out. The safety is further improved as the car now also in the dark pedestrians to detect and anticipate.

The CX-5 model year 2019 will be available later this year to the Netherlands.