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Maak WhatsApp-groepschats overzichtelijker met deze functie

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To avoid group chats get out of hand because two people suddenly have a very conversation, adds WhatsApp in the beta version, a function to private on someone to respond. This option allows you to use and Android Planet tells how.

WhatsApp private reply

If you have a lot in WhatsApp group, you probably have two people start talking and cause a sort of private conversation arises. Often that is not fine, because you need later than by dozens of messages into teams, which often for you not at all relevant. Therefore, it introduces WhatsApp have a feature to group conversations private on someone to answer. This is how it works:

  1. Tap on the message in a group conversation where you want to respond, and select and hold;
  2. Then press the three dots at the top right;
  3. Choose the ‘Private reply’ to write a comment.

Then send WhatsApp to the one-on-one chat with the person you have already, where you see, that you respond to a message from the group conversation. This allows you to chat further, without the other participants of the group chat is harassing.

The new feature is in the beta version of WhatsApp’s Android app. Before you can register via the link below, after which you can the trial version can download and install and app update. The option will appear later for the general public, although we do not yet know exactly when.

→ Download the WhatsApp beta in Google Play (free)

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