“Google is working on two cheaper Pixel phones


‘Google werkt aan twee goedkopere Pixel-telefoons’

Google would not one, but two cheaper Pixel-phones work. An unknown device in the code it rejects it.

‘Two cheaper Pixel devices coming on’

All longer goes the rumor around that Google a midrange Pixel-unit works. According to telecominsider Roland Quandt will this run on a Snapdragon 710-chip, and the device has the code name Bonito inherited.

But in sifting through programming code in ARCore has Android Police may have a second budgetversie of the Google Pixel discovered. ARCore is a programmeerset of Google, that allows developers to augmented reality apps for Android can build.

Google will always use fish as a code name for new devices. In addition to Bonito discovered the website is still an unknown device. This carries the vissennaam Sargo. This may mean that the search giant two cheaper smartphones works, possible with two different formats.

Although now known on which chipset the Bonito is probably going to run, but there is still nothing clear on the phone with the code name Sargo. In addition, it is unclear when Google budgettoestellen releases. Roland Quandt stated earlier about the atlantic Bonito in the first half of 2019 is revealed.

Normally presents Google new smartphones in October. For example, the company last month, the Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 3XL revealed. Just like its predecessors, these models are equipped with high-end hardware.

Midrange-series is possible only for emerging countries

The mid-range smartphones that are now in the pipeline, probably some concessions to push the price down. In earlier rumors claimed that Google is with a car wants to focus on emerging markets, including India.

It is not the first time that Google is trying to establish themselves in the market for mid-range smartphones. In 2015 the company sold the LG Nexus 5X for about 400 euro. If the rumors are correct, would these devices the first budget phones are in Google’s Pixel series.

How much the cheaper Pixel models, is also unclear. Usually takes a mid-range phone between the 300 and 400 euros. It will probably take some time before Google’s self-something is released about these new devices.

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