Google Pixel 3 XL preview: first few hours with the flagship


Google Pixel 3 XL preview: eerste uren met het vlaggenschip

The Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are not officially in the Netherlands, but Android Planet has a copy of the larger variant managed to get hold of. We have the device can test and these are our first experiences.

Getting started with the Google Pixel 3 XL

When Google last month, the Pixel 3 and 3 XL presented, we knew we were actually already all about the smartphones. They were extensively leaked, and we can no other smartphones remember of which for the unveiling so much already was known. Thus, it was Made by Google to 2018-event is not so exciting, however, we look always forward to the release of new Pixel-phones. They belong to the best smartphones, and are mainly interesting by the software and cameras.

Just like previous years, Google two Pixel smartphones: the regular Pixel 3 and larger Pixel 3 XL. We started out with the 3 XL and in this hands-on, we discuss our first findings.

Glass design and great notch

If you look at the design of the new Pixel, then there is not so crazy a lot changed compared to last year. The back still consists of two ‘parts’, but is now entirely out of glass. However, there is a big gete a matte finish, with at the top a shiny bit where the camera lens and led flash. The looks are not per se new in comparison with the Pixel 2 XL, but the body feels through the glass, however, what is more luxurious.

google pixel 3 xl preview

The glass makes the Pixel 3 also remains more fragile, but also makes the phone now wireless charging support. A nice feature, although Google for some crazy restrictions chosen. So can the smartphone wireless charging (with 10 Watts), but only with Google’s own Pixel Position of 79 euro. Do you use any other wireless charger, charging with up to 5 Watts and that is quite slow.

You can almost not do without it, but the Pixel’s 3 XL has a notch. The notch is particularly a little deeper than other devices, and therefore online for a lot of fuss. There is a big bite out of the screen, and to be honest: it looks a little unfamiliar. The screen has grown to 6.3 inches, has a resolution of 2960 at 1440 pixels and looks good.

Fast hardware and smooth finger print scanner

What internal hardware is concerned is the Google Pixel 3 XL is a flagship in 2018 is already a lot of published. Under the hood sits a Snapdragon 845 chip, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Nothing special, although the amount of ram bus. Many similar devices have 6GB of RAM (or even 8GB, as the OnePlus 6T), and the limited amount of RAM, which makes the Pixel 3 XL all for some problems.

Although I have during my short time with the smartphone, not against errors am of opinion, there are online stories that multitasking is not at all going well. Users report, for example, that Spotify stops playing as soon as the camera for a few pictures. Google has now responded and the next coming weeks with a patch in order to resolve this error.

google pixel 3 xl preview

Unlock with the finger print scanner, and which is – similar to previous Pixel-based phones – on the back. The scanner works quickly, is quickly set up and sits at a nice place. However, I think the what a pity that Google is not a good face detection built, while many competitors such as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and iPhone XS, this offer.

Further, the battery capacity with 3430 mAh something shrunk: the Pixel 2 XL had a 3520 mAh battery. Although we use the smartphone longer need to test to have something to say about the battery life, the Pixel 3 XL, according to other media for a full day. Not very special, but sufficient.

Android Pie in its full glory

One of the major pillars of Googles Pixel-line is obviously the software. The Pixel 3 XL runs on a completely bare version of Android 9.0 (Pie), in which the first Android updates, and security patches. The lack of bloatware makes for a great user experience, and during my short test period, it was the software very smoothly.

Important to know is that Android Pie a new gebarenbediening, and the Pixel 3 (XL) is set by default. In fact, in the settings there is no option to go back to the traditional navigation controls.

Do you like yours truly that gebarenbediening longer in use, then this is not a problem, but otherwise you really might need a few days to get used to. And as you in our Android Pie review can read, it is the gebarenbediening still not perfect.

Still better cameras

Where many Android devices are equipped with (three)dual cameras on the back, Google stuck to a single camera lens. The search giant finds the secondary lens redundant, as the functionality – such as creating portraits with a beautiful bokeh effect – is taken care of by Google’s software.

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL showed that this is a good choice, and the camera software is so good that the Google phones are with the top to be able to measure if the to photos. That seems to be at the third generation will not be different.

google pixel 3 xl preview

In our review, we expanded on the camera, but the first pictures look good. We are especially curious about Night Sight, a feature that ensures that you get good pictures in very low light conditions. To do this, Google uses a combination of algorithms, machine learning, and a long shutter speed.

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Also new: the dual camera on the front (8 + 8 megapixel). One camera has a ultrawijde lens, so you get more in the picture. It is a useful groepselfies, or if you are a self-portrait with a beautiful natuurachtergrond. In the camera app it works simple: select the front camera and you can with a simple swipe ‘zoom out’.

Conclusion Google Pixel 3 XL preview

Our first impression of the Google Pixel 3 XL is positive. We are to speak about the design, screen and software, and also the performance seem fine. In addition, it is nice that wireless charging is present and the camera is further enhanced.

It is, however, that Google the Pixel 3 XL for 949 euros on the market, while the necessary competitors, all for (much) less to find. Choose Google again for to are phones in the Netherlands to bring it slightly harder to the Pixel 3 (XL) in-house. Keep Android Planet in the holes for the extensive review, in which we in addition to the general performance also the camera and battery on the tongue will feel.

Google Pixel 3 to buy in the Netherlands

As said, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is not officially to the Netherlands, but that does not mean that the phones are unavailable. Several online stores offer the device, though, you pay a small fee. It is also possible for the Pixel 3 to buy in Germany.

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