Oops: Samsung made the notch ridiculous, but now it also tacks


Oeps: Samsung maakte de notch belachelijk, maar gaat nu ook overstag

Most smartphones of this year are released, have a notch (notch) in the screen for the front camera and sensors. The major exception is Samsung, which is the notch also in many ways ridiculous. That is maybe not so smart, because there now seems to be a Samsung smartphone with a notch.

Notch ridiculed by Samsung

Last year, it introduced Essential and Apple’s first phones with a notch. That is necessary because the screens so big the front of the unit to occupy, that there is no more room for screen borders. In that ‘bite’ are the front-facing camera, microphone, and sensors for screen brightness, and sometimes also facial recognition. On devices such as the iPhone X these components in the notch, a small or larger black bar at the top of the display.

Not everyone is a fan of the notch, but after the iPhone X, there are rapidly more smartphones with a notch come true. Of OnePlus and Motorola to Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG: almost all of the brands are now tacking. Samsung is conspicuously absent: there is not a single Samsung smartphone with a notch appeared.

The manufacturer takes although phones with voorkantvullende ‘Infinity’screens, but that have small borders at the top and bottom, where the front camera and other parts. A notch is not necessary, and that brings with it Samsung like the attention.

The most famous example: after the release of the iPhone X came Samsung with a video (see above) in which the notch of the Apple phone, being made to look stupid. The video, which is set in a (mock) Apple Store, go in on the downsides of a notch. Of course there is also reference to the notch-less Infinity screens (more expensive) Samsung devices like the Galaxy S8 and the samsung Galaxy Note 8.

And the notch of the new Google Pixel 3 XL is, according to Samsung, ” so great that a plane can land’.

Samsung smartphone with the notch in the wings

Competitors a heel with such a marketing can be fun, but it remains to be careful. So also for Phones notch-teasing. At a private developer conference itself showed the manufacturer, namely four new Infinity-screens, of which there are three a (small) notch. The Infinity U, V, and O have the notch in the middle or on the top left in the display. The screens come soon in new phones.

Although Samsung Display (amoled) screens to much smartphonefabrikanten sell, the Infinity-name strongly suggests that the screens (also) for Samsung devices are meant to be.

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The first Samsung smartphone with notch seems so looming, and that makes the above video and other anti-notch-expressions is somewhat embarrassing. It is still unknown whether the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a screen notch.

The fourth display that the manufacturer presented, namely a ‘New Infinity’screen, without notch. Presumably, this type of display placed on a smartphone with small screen edges where the front camera and sensors. You may get the Galaxy S10 so the new Infinity display.

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