Samsung announces first foldable phone, and will appear next year


Samsung kondigt eerste opvouwbare telefoon aan, verschijnt volgend jaar

Samsung has its first foldable phone announced. The unit has a total of three screens and comes in 2019. You need to know.

Foldable Samsung phone will appear next year

After years of rumors, sketches and concepts, the moment is there: Samsung has its first folding smartphone with flexible screens announced. The device, that still has no name, was shown during Samsung’s own ontwikkellaarsconferentie.

The company has developed a new schermtechniek developed: Infinity Flex. The bendable phone actually consists of three screens. The largest display you can fold so you have two screens next to each other. The phone is taking the format of a tablet (a 7.3-inch).


On the back is a smaller display that you can with a hand can operate. According to Samsung you will with everyday tasks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and surf the web primarily on this screen. The large tablet screen you use for watching a movie or playing games. You can also up to three apps next to each other, and thus multi-tasking.

New software

Samsung also has a special software version is announced, which takes into account the different screen sizes: One ONION. For example, when a Google Maps-route started on the small screen, it will automatically go to full image scaled once you have the big screen up. This works vice versa as.


Also, you can have different apps running on the monitors. For example, if you watching a movie on the big screen, and this closed to an app you have to answer on the small screen, you can immediately proceed with the watch as soon as you the display pops.

Samsung unveiled the foldable phone into a sort of sleeve, so it’s still unclear how he looks. Possible is behind the scenes still at the design tinkered. They wanted especially the schermtechniek show and not necessarily the official phone.

Samsung was tight-lipped in regards to price, specific release date and the name of the device. However, let the company know that the folding screen is ready to be manufactured on a large scale. The first phones with a flexible display would, therefore, faster than thought already is.

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