Useful: Android apps will soon also during updating to use


Handig: Android-apps binnenkort ook tijdens updaten te gebruiken

Android apps are soon also to be used if they are updated. Because of this, you don’t have to wait until the new app version is installed, and you can just continue with what you’re doing. This is how it will work.

Use Apps during updates

During the Android Dev Summit, a developer conference itself in Mountain View, Google is a great innovation shown. By the new in-app updates-the api will allow developers of new app updates to send out, and ask users to install it without that the app closed. Now it is so that when you have a app-update downloads and installs via the Play Store, the app temporarily can’t use. When a large update, for example, a game could take this long.

Many users forget about their apps, to update or set these updates often, but with the new api, developers can they “force” the latest version to install. When a security patch is, for instance, this is especially important because app users otherwise remain vulnerable to critical bugs.

At this update, developers can choose to receive a notification on the screen, so that it is alerted that a new version is ready. There is still the option to update from, for example, if you are not connected to wi-fi (and a small data bundle) or the battery of your smartphone is almost empty.

In less urgent app updates, is it possible for the application to continue to use, while in the background the new version is downloaded. You Start the app the next time, then the update is applied. Anyway, it is smart to always the latest versions from the Play Store to download, so the app (and security) up-to-date, and therefore new functions can be used immediately.

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