Chromecast-tips-week 2: the best of NPO, YouTube and Videoland


Chromecast-tips week 2: het beste van NPO, YouTube en Videoland

A Chromecast is useful, but what to look or listen you? With our weekly tips, we recommend you films, series, podcasts and more on to stream. In our Chromecast tips from week 2, 2019, among other Wie is de Mol? and Museo.

Chromecast-tips-week 2: Who is the Mole and Museo

With a Chromecast in your tv or a Chromecast Audio in your speaker watch and listen your media from your smartphone, in better quality. That is useful, but you have to know what you need to look and listen. In addition to our monthly Netflix-tips we have, therefore, also a weekly, Chromecast-tips. Herein we give some of the current look – and luistertips, both free and paid services.

1. Watching: Wie is de Mol? (NPO)

Who is the Mole? is started again. A group of ‘well-known’ Dutch attempt in Colombia as much money as possible. One of them is ‘the mole’, the person who must ensure that there is exactly as little money as possible in the pot without too much notice. Every episode, someone should go home until there are three people remain: the winner, the loser and the mole.

Who is the Mole? you look through the NPO website or NPO Start-app, available from the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download NPO Start in Google Play (free)

2. Watch: WIDM HINTS (YouTube)

Under of the enjoyment of Who is the Mole? tracing the clues that the creators in the stop program. These hints to the identity of the mole namely reveal. The YouTube channel WIDM HINTS put these instructions in a row in short videos. Ideal, especially if you join a group via the Who is the Mole?-app

3. Look: Museo (YouTube Premium)

The film Museum is about a famous theft of artifacts from the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. The thieves are two nondescript guys from the suburbs. How have they managed? The rights for the film have been bought by YouTube. So you have YouTube Premium necessary to look.

4. Listen: IR (podcast)

In the podcast IRL of Mozilla, tech-topics in an accessible and fun way discussed with various experts. The fourth season just started with a new host: Manoush Zomorodi.

In this season, among other things, looked into the ethics of technology and how technology has a positive influence can have on people. Also older episodes are worth the effort. So has the podcast, for example, looked to online bullying, gamificatie and the social bubble.

chromecast-tips week 2

The podcast you can find in our favorite podcast app, Pocket Casts via this link. This app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Pocket Casts in the Google Play (2,99€)

5. Watch: Richard Groenendijk – With the Robe of Love (Video)

If you want to laugh, then this show of Richard Groenendijk. It’s not a new show, but now on Videoland. Ideal if you have previously missed. Groenendijk touch in ‘With the Mantle of Love’ both light and heavy topics, which, years later, up-to-date feel.

Richard Groenendijk see you via the app of Videoland. That app can be found through the link below in the Play Store.

→ Download Videoland in Google Play (free)

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