Ford throws a stir in Europe: more electrical and SUV, less MPV


Of each new Ford comes in an electrified version

January 10, 2019

Bob Kroese

Ford announces a reorganisation of its European operations. Behind the scenes, there will be major changes took place, but also in the showrooms, there will be the necessary change.

Ford is going to be a number of changes in its European organization. That also has consequences for the modelstrategie of the brand, which briefly stated, means that we have more SUVS and electrified models can expect and the less MPV’s.

Ford announced earlier that up to 2022 sixteen electrified models on the market. Now makes the brand known to be a part thereof, is derived from existing Fords. Of all the new models that are now being released, it appears at least a version with a (partly) electric propulsion. The brand places emphasis on all forms: mild hybrid, full hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric.

Ford is going to the existing models on the European against the light. Many of the current offerings will remain, but there will also be cars disappear. The C-Max is one of and also the production of Galaxy and S-Max will at one point stop. Those last two are already no longer available in the Netherlands. There is the opposite of that Ford the offer extends with new SUVS, starting with a model that, in april, will be presented. Ford wants, in the European market continue to stand out with cars that are fun to drive, good quality and equipped with the latest technology.