“Google is YouTube Music on any Android smartphone install”


‘Google gaat YouTube Music op elke Android-smartphone installeren’

Google has plans to make YouTube Music the default app for music making on every Android smartphone, as is apparent from source code hidden in the app.

Now YouTube Music by default on Android’

Most Android smartphones are by default already comes with apps for your photos (Google Photos), navigation (Google Maps) and documents (Google Drive). For music apps, Google will now often Play Music, but that app will soon be deleted by Google. Many manufacturers build their own audio apps, but it seems that Google set a new standard is going to introduce.

In the source code of YouTube Music are several references to that plan, as discovered 9to5Google. Update 2.65 adds some new icons for the app, which is in the source code are marked with ‘systeminstalled’.

At this moment, YouTube can Music only be used to stream music via the video service, but Google already gave earlier to work on mp3 support. The source code also appears to hint at support for the ‘sideloading’ of their own music. Later users can, therefore, also the music on their own device playing via YouTube Music.

When the new features are available to everyone, is still unknown. Probably hopes Google in the short term, YouTube Music to provide all the features required for a standard app. Then you can Play Music will be deleted, and new smartphones to be replaced with YouTube Music.

What you need to know about YouTube Music

YouTube Music launched at the end of 2015 in the United States, but rolls has since steadily out to other countries. The music service is Google’s answer to Spotify. Since september of 2018 is the Music also available in the Netherlands.

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With the free version you can use audio and video streaming with advertisements. For $ 9.99 per month, you get access to YouTube Music Premium, which allows you to not only videos, watching your favorite songs, but also only the audio stream. You can also bring your favorite songs to download and listen in the background.

→ Download, YouTube Music at Google Play (free)