Toyota a little too happy with the new Supra


Various departments will leak footage

January 11, 2019

Bob Kroese

They can Toyota not to wait until the new Supra will be unveiled. Next week is it so far, but sections of the trademark in Mexico and Germany published in their enthusiasm a little early footage on the internet.

The new Supra should be the ultimate expression of the fresh wind at this time by Toyota is blowing. Logical that they at the company are not able to wait for the cars to present. The German importer is placed in his enthusiasm, already two pictures on the internet of the new car (photo 1 and 2) and from Mexico and even a video. The images have now been removed, but the website knew the video secure. We have the most interesting images there for you recorded.

The design of the Supra remains close to that of the FT-1 concept car from 2014. Some notable design elements are the large, integrated rear spoiler, the large air intakes at the front and the wide ‘hips’.

The new Supra is next week, revealed at the auto show of Detroit. The brand is also the first technical information is known.