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The Honor View 20 is one of the first Android smartphones with a hole in the screen for the selfiecamera. Or that you like, you can read in this Honor View 20 review.

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After a break of over a year is a Honor to be back on the Dutch market. The company is officially under from Huawei, but focuses as a semi-independent brand, especially on young people. They do that by, among other flashy devices, unique features and eye-catching software. The Honor View 20, recently for sale in the Netherlands, serves as the flagship for this ‘renewed’ Honor. We have a new brand?

Design and screen goes to the hole

Was 2018 the year of the notch, in 2019 we will probably a lot of smartphones with a ‘cameragat’. Honor is one of the first. In the top left corner of the View 20 is a small hole for the selfiecamera. On all sides around it is still image.

On paper, this technique is impressive. Nearly the whole of the front there is off screen. Unfortunately, the finish is in practice a little bit. All around the cameragat and at the bottom of the image occurs, namely, light bleeding. White image has around these edges, a slight black glow, almost as if there is a stain on the screen. It will be the one user more irritating than the other, but I find it a little cheap to the extravagant.

Honor View 20 review

In most apps you have not to suffer from the hole. In most apps is the top strip of the image is completely black, making the lens completely drops out. With video apps like YouTube and Netflix, you can see the hole, because the display has a different aspect ratio than the most videos. On both sides of the video will be black bars are displayed.

Almost equally striking was the back of the unit. Honor has opted for blue and black gradientkleuren. Unlike for example Samsung or Huawei, which are smartphones with a gradual gradient, is the View 20 very flashy. In the back is a V-pattern to be processed. Tilt your device, then changes the color by a different reflection of light.

The design of the View 20 can be called successful. The striking back, the first cameragat, and the sturdy housing allow for a distinctive design that Honor proud. The View 20 is a nice smartphone, which is clearly a very own look.

Hardware: still one of the fastest

The Honor View 20 is equipped with a Kirin 980 chip, the same powerful processor that also in the most expensive Huawei smartphones of the moment, such as the Degree 20 Degree 20 Pro. That is still one of the most powerful chips of the time. In benchmarks such as Geekbench and AnTuTU scores, the Honor more than if other toptoestellen as the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the OnePlus 6T.

Of course, the next generation of flagships already knocking on the door. The chances are that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Sony Xperia XZ4, which will soon appear, again a bit faster. In practice, this makes it all a little: these chips are more than smooth enough for all the apps you use every day, from WhatsApp to Google Maps.

The unit is equipped with a spacious 128GB of storage. Which is a bit more than 110GB available for users. Space for a micro sd memory card is missing, unfortunately, but nevertheless it is more than enough for a lot of apps, games, photos, videos, and music.

Software: tastes differ

Honor equips its smartphones with a customized Android interface, which they MagicUI call. However, this is virtually identical to the Huawei EmotionUI interface. Some of the buttons have slightly different colors, but the supplied apps, menus and settings are identical to how they look on a Huawei smartphone eyes.

Honor View 20 screenshot

Honor View 20 screenshot

Honor View 20 screenshot

That makes MagicUI, like EmotionUI, one of the most intense Android interfaces. Tastes differ, but for me, the software is just what too many conflicting colors and confusing menus. With a different launcher, you will solve many, but unfortunately not all skin irritation. Thus, for example, the settings a lot less tidy than on smartphones with stock Android.

Honor in addition to system apps such as the Photos app and Calendar also, what bloatware. As the device is equipped as standard with apps for Amazon, Booking.com and Facebook. This can make you happy but yourself.


Where Honor, unfortunately, is somewhat less strong than Huawei, is the update policy. The parent company guarantees Android updates for two years after the release for all of its high-end smartphones. You can buy now a Huawei Level 20, then you get to the next few months be any updates to the Android Q and R. Honor that promise. In interview with Android Planet shows a top man of Honor to know that updates are ‘very important’, but he could not provide security.

Honor View 20 review

That does not mean that the Honor View 20 will remain stuck at the Android Pie. Indeed, the Honor is in the past is relatively easy as the to Android updates. So is the Honor View 10 recently already been updated to Android Pie. The manufacturer, however, no guarantees can give, is disappointing: you buy a smartphone from more than 500 euro, then you will want to have on some support you can count.

48 megapixel camera: overkill or outcome?

More megapixels does not mean directly that you also have beautiful pictures. Therefore, sounds the 48 megapixel camera on the back of the View 20 as overkill. Honor fits, however, a so-called quad bayer-technique during the shooting. That sounds complicated, but it essentially boils down to that many pixels are compressed into one picture, which is of 12 megapixel. It allows in theory for better photos in low-light situations.

→ Explanation: how does a 48 megapixel smart phone camera?

In a busy environment with a lot of people know the View 20 sharp photos to shoot. The image has lots of detail, and you can easily zoom in on for example text, without any loss of quality. You have less light, than it is still good. Where you at other cameras soon to deal with overexposed or blurry image, the View 20 the bright and sharp.

Incidentally, the camera app also has an option to view photos on the full resolution shooting. This ‘AI Ultra Clarity’mode, however, requires that you are in a place with lots of light and the camera as still as possible. The photos have more noise and are quickly moved. In addition, it takes a little bit longer to take the pictures.

ToF sensor: unproven gimmick

On the back, it seems as if in addition to the primary camera to a second camera lens sits. That is, however, a so-called ‘Time of Flight’sensor, sometimes also called 3D camera called. That send infrared light to your environment, and then measure how fast that light is reflected. So can speed your distance to objects in the vicinity can be determined.

ToF sensors are likely to be one of the major trends of 2018. Also Samsung, Apple, Sony, and other manufacturers are working on one or more smartphones with the technology. The technique has several purposes. As there may be 3D-scans made are for face detection, and the depth effect of a portrait with it improved. Also, augmented reality apps, with a ToF sensor faster and more accurate virtual objects in the real world.

Unfortunately, there is as yet only a handful of apps of this technique use. Honor delivers a few options, and in the Play Store, you will also find a few more. Convincing, however, they are not.

Calorieën tellen met de Honor View 20

Calorieën tellen met de Honor View 20

Calorieën tellen met de Honor View 20

So you can use the camera app look at how many calories the food around you. You must first two menus, then it takes a second or five for the camera you have a fruit or vegetable to recognize, and often enough, it is still wrong also. So had the camera almost a minute to recognize that our red apple mango, pear or green apple. The end result? Something that you within five seconds on Google could find.

In addition, there are games that you can control with your body, if the camera is focused on you. You do, however, have a special dock is required, which is not yet sold in the Netherlands. The technique behind the Time of Flight sensor may be impressive, but for the time being, there is really no useful application for available.

Battery impresses

The Honor has a relatively large battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. That makes for an impressive battery life. Even on a fairly busy day, I had actually never prematurely to load. With a little bit of frugality I could, sometimes even two days without recharging from the presses.

A nice side-effect: the View 20 you get a charger, which is 22.5 Watts. Thus, you can quite quickly charge. In 30 minutes the battery again for about 60 percent full. Even if you’re on the road and only ten minutes in between charging the battery, is that often enough for the unit a few hours longer to use.


The Honor View 20 has a suggested retail price of 549 euros. That is a lot less than other manufacturers ask for the release of their top-class device. Many competitors of the View 20 appeared however previously and are so much in price dropped. This gives you around the same price now several attractive alternatives.

The OnePlus 6T is approximately of the same duration, and in terms of the specifications are similar. In a direct comparison know the View 20 its rival on almost every level just to beat it. The battery is slightly bigger, the camera is slightly better and the processor is at least as fast. The software of the 6T is much better.

If you want a slightly better battery and camera, than you can for a few tens more the Huawei Mate 20 consider. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is by now well over a year old and gets it in terms of battery life, not for Honor, but also makes beautiful pictures and videos, and is cheaper.

Conclusion Honor View 20 review

With the View 20 put Honor in a striking, distinctive Android-powered smartphone down. Of the cameragat to the flashy back to the 48 megapixel-camera and Time of Flight-lens: this is a smartphone that draws your attention.

In practice, prick you, however, soon by that gimmicks. But what there then remains? Still a very good, powerful, comprehensive Android-powered smartphone with an affordable price tag. The processor is fast, the camera is good and battery life excellent, and this Honor stands as a house. Or there’s a Huawei or Honor-merkje behind us matters little: the basis of the View 20 is solid.

Honor View 20 buy?

Interest in the new Honor device? Through our hundred we help you to find the best offers. The loose Honor View 20 has a suggested retail price of 549 euro, but you can use the Android-smartphone, of course, also in combination with a subscription buy.

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