Beware: Spotify you can now directly ban if your advertising bypasses


Pas op: Spotify mag je nu direct bannen als je reclame omzeilt

You can now directly from Spotify will be banned if you the ads in the free version of the app bypasses. This you need to know about this issue.

Spotify banned by bypass advertising

Music service Spotify adapts its terms and conditions of use, making it from march 1 will allow users to immediately ban if they are advertising a work around.

Spotify has a free and a paid version. With Spotify Premium, you pay a monthly fee and listen undisturbed to the music. With the free version, the music is regularly interrupted by commercials. Of course, think of people ways to get those ads to work.

Last year march, it became clear that as many as two million people use external apps to get ads to work in Spotify. At that time the company has been monitoring going to occur.

spotify geband

As soon as Spotify noticed that someone claims excluded, was the account of the user is blocked. The user then got an e-mail with a warning, stating that the account is released again as those illicit app removes. In the meantime, this warning so you no longer need.

Discovered Spotify from march 1, you that an illegal app music listening without advertising, then you can directly from the service being banned.

Spotify and podcasts

In other Spotify news this week: Spotify podcast company Gimlet Media incorporated. This company is behind popular podcasts such as Reply All, and Heavyweight. In addition, Spotify has also Anchor acquired, an app for easy podcast.

Spotify claims that podcasting is the next stage in audio. One of the ways that the music service wants to contribute to the podcastmarkt, is by users are better podcasts to guess that they probably like.


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